Do you use a pistol or long gun for your primary home defense?

Do you use a pistol or long gun for your primary home defense?

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Thread: Do you use a pistol or long gun for your primary home defense?

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    Do you use a pistol or long gun for your primary home defense?

    I'm sure this has been asked 100 times, but things always change and update. I know they do for me.

    My motto was a .357sig in one pocket, a blade and spare mag in the other, and a 12 gauge in hand. Yes I sleep in shorts for a reason. Recently I emptied my Mossberg and put it up however. In it's place I loaded up my G21 and a few additional mags with 230g HST's. I made the change after going through my home one day with my 12 gauge and then doing the same with a pistol. I found just how much more effectively I could corner and cover all aspects of the home with a pistol. It's simply far more agile and quick. Much easier to work the light off and on as well. It certainly isn't the same beast as a 12 gauge, but being in position trumps pure firepower imo. A pistol also offers off hand use while still being ready to fire at all times. I still pocket my ccw .357sig, mag, and blade of course. Everytime I feel I've settled into being prepared I change my mind. I'd really like a pistol caliber carbine and matching pistol. I've also considered a Tavor for firepower and good long gun agility/quickness. Lastly I have the idea of running two .44 magnums. One for each hand with a few speed loaders in each pocket. That's offers good capacity, great firepower(long gun like firepower), and great movement. I don't own any firearms for the last three ideas so I really like those. Anyway, what do you use and suggest?

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    I have an 870 ready to go as well for HD, but I shoot pistols best and with 17+1 capacity for my nightstand gun I feel confident that I can handle most anything that isn't wearing body armor.
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    Going to qualify my vote a bit. Im armed 24 7 so unless im in the bed a BG or BGs will first meet the pistol as in a crash and enter type invasion. And ill be working toward the SKS in the bedroom.

    If im in the bedroom asleep etc then the SKS is the primary with the pistol that sleeps by my head in a light shoulder rig that I can sling over my shoulders in a second and go along for the ride as backup for the SKS. Wife will be stationed in the bedroom with a 12 ga and her ruger sr9.
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    Grab my G23 first with 22rnd of GoldDot LE. G27 for GF if that dont give me confident then ill grab my AR but 40cal will most likely get it done
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    It will depend on what room I am in if my home is invaded. I am always armed when awake, so if I were to be sitting in the living room it would be a HG, but primarily my HD gun from the bedroom, (taking a leap here and supposing the invaders were smart enough to wait until I was in bed), is an LWRC M6A2 with EOTec and light mounted. My Apt. is setup so that my bedroom is on one side and the entrances are on the other with clear lanes of fire from my end to the end they would have to come from, solid backstop behind their point of entry. Only way to my side is a long hallway that would act as a funnel.

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    I agree with using the handgun if moving around. Another benefit, besides those you mention, is retention - when you have to take a hand off a long gun to open a door or flip a switch, you're vulnerable to disarming if a BG happens to show up just then.

    I probably wouldn't go with the .44 magnums; that's a lot of recoil and blast. Maybe a 6" .357 magnum? A 125 grain JHP traveling at 1600+ FPS is nothing to sneeze at. Personally I'd choose that for stopping power over the short-barreled 5.56 "pistols" out there.
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    My current living situation requires me to go investigating and going with my pistol (G32, most of the time) worked best during mock trials. Once I move, I'll be able to just hold up in the bedroom with my M4 trained on the door.
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    Sidearm within arms reach and a shotgun nearby as well.
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    Pistol when I'm around the house and a shotgun in bed, with the pistol in a safe on the headboard. I don't worry too much either way. It'd be a real bad, unusual situation for me to be wondering around trying defend my home, I will just be barricaded in our bedroom waiting for the cops and the barrel(s) pointed at the door.
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    If I decide to go investigate I carry a pistol. If there is no doubt some one is in the house I barricade in place with a long gun cell phone and a barrier that is bullet resistant. I found a strip mall bank moving and bought up the bandit barriers installed them in closets and other places giving me a bullet resistent barrier.
    I live on a ranch and most my trouble is outside fox and chickens skunks and chickens Lions and sheep all with a long gun carrying a pistol.

    The post talking about openening doors etc. makes a lot of sense to me for a pistol not a long gun.
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    Pistol until I get my FS2000.

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    The dogs are our primary home defense, backed up by a landline phone for 9-1-1 calls, backed up by cell phones. My wife and I both carry and the handguns we carry go on the nightstand when we go to bed. There are other handguns, shot guns, and rifles available as needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by geneticgamer View Post
    ...Lastly I have the idea of running two .44 magnums. One for each hand with a few speed loaders in each pocket. That's offers good capacity, great firepower(long gun like firepower), and great movement...

    Good one!
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    Pistol. Fairly high capacity and easiest to maneuver in my place of residence. Now, If I get half way down the stairs and I figure out that I need to repel the tea party or something then I will go back upstairs and grab the AR or the 870.
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