PT111 Taurus

PT111 Taurus

This is a discussion on PT111 Taurus within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Anyone have one of these and what is your oppinion of this gun. Is there any problems I should know about. Thanks Tom...

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Thread: PT111 Taurus

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    Lightbulb PT111 Taurus

    Anyone have one of these and what is your oppinion of this gun. Is there any problems I should know about. Thanks Tom

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    lots of user reviews are incredibly good.
    Reliability, accuracy and build quality are all reviewed as very good to excellent. Big bang for the bucks.

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    my main dislike of the one I had was th long heavy trigger.
    It was small, accurate, light, and easy to conceal. I just didn't like the trigger.

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    The trigger on my PT140 was long and heavy too. I had other issues, but it seems those were on the 140 only.
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    Make sure you get the pro version. The non-pro is the one that had issues. Very few negs on the pro. I have one and love it. It's a long pull, but very smooth and predictable. A joy to shoot and very reliable. Over a thousand rounds through her and one stovepipe before it was broke in.
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    At one time my wife owned the PT111 Millenium Pro and I had the Millenium. Both were 9mm. They were both reliable and accurate. They were both reasonably priced. They never had a failure, no matter what brand and type of ammo you ran through them. The magazines for the Millenium, which are made by Mec-Gar, had an issue with a round rattling inside when fully loaded. But Mec-Gar had a fix for that problem. The reason we sold them was the triggers were too long and heavy, and while taking some advanced threat management classes it was found that the grips were too large for my wife.

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    Taurus makes good quality firearms for a good price......

    also, lifetime warranty....
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    I adopted two of them in the past 3 months. Just make sure they are the 3rd generation of the pistol. The first 2 were DAO and had some real problems. Taurus has fixed everything with the new model. They are easy to conceal, fairly light and deadly accurate if you do your thing. I have fed mine everything i could fine and whot it all. When Kansas gives us our CCW on Jan 2nd, this pistol will be my constant companion. I trust it that much.

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