Range trip today

Range trip today

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Thread: Range trip today

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    Range trip today

    Today at lunch I decide to get some practice in with my Glock 27. It is a Gen2 Glock that I have had for about 10 years. My father in law gave it to me. No telling how long he had it prior to me. I have put about 2300 rounds through it (give or take 100). I have no idea what my father in laws round count with it was. I haven't used it much in the last year and a half as I have been carrying my XD-s up until the recall. The recall had me dusting off the LCP and Glock 27. I went with the Glock because it's just easier to control.

    Anyway, so I go today and start plinking. Doing some quick target acquisition and so on. All in all I was having a bad day. Groups are larger than normal. I write it off to being a different sight system than the XD-s (It has a big dot). I keep going and am 118 rounds into my session I get a jam. In the heat of the moment I figure now is a great time to practice "Real time" of clearing a jam so I decide to do a quick pull on the slide to eject the rounds and bring a new one to battery. However when I pull the slide it doesn't really move. Okay so I pause and look closer. The recoil spring assembly is extended past the barrel. Oh crap.

    I try to do field strip but can't get it stripped. I go out front and speak to the guys at the counter. After a couple of "Its the first time I have ever seen this" we finally get it broken down and sure enough -- broken spring. SIGH. They have new one and through the process of swapping it out they take several pictures of my problem because again, they haven't ever seen this happen -- Cool I am an original.

    I go back to my lane and do some real slow single shots. Just letting everything settle in. Nothing quick. Everything very slow and deliberate. On one shot I notice the front sight move. What? So I clear the gun and look at it. The sight is moving. It's loose. Awesome. I go back up front and ask if they have a sight tool. They do so I borrow it and I tighten it back up. It took 3 full turns before it snugs up. I get another "never seen that before." At this point I am just laughing because I am thinking "I want my XD-s back"

    After tightening it back up my groups shrunk considerably. So I have no idea how long the sight was loose but it certainly had a big impact on my shooting. I ended up at 250 rounds because I have to get back to the office. Things went much better the last 100 rounds. But as I was leaving I asked how long springs normally lasted on guns. I was told around 5000 rounds. During the ride back to the office it got me to thinking -- how often we take for granted the mechanical aspects of these guns.

    I don't know if I was past the 5000 round count or not but I know that I will be keeping a close eye from now on to things like round count, screw tightness etc. I don't even want to think what would if that spring would have failed in a SD situation. Its not that I don't trust the Glock now. I still do but with anything, I certainly have a new perspective on maintenance.

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    LOL, I had a good laugh on this one and now since you have work out all of the bugs out now it should be a good shooter. I miss my XDs also and I hope that we can hear something today our tomorrow.
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    Glad it worked out.
    Glad you are an original.

    Bet your FIL kept the Smith for himself!
    Their springs last 1,000,000 times longer, or so I've been told!

    Welcome to DC by the way!
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    Range trip today

    I am going to join army trip with my friend who is officer in air force. He is very talented and well miners. I like his company in travelling from my childhood he is my best friend. So now I am going to Australia with him next week because his group decides to arrange a trip to do some practice to uses of guns so it is great fun in my life and I captured every moment in my camera during their practice.
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    Regular spring maintenance is worthwhile.
    Liberal use of LocTite in key spots is worthwhile.

    I consider both of these standard maintenance on my own rigs. Have had a couple guns misfire due to either easily-replaceable springs failing and/or screws backing out. Never once have these things occurred on guns where I've been attentive to regular maintenance checks.

    Nice to see it was something minor, that the SD gun is still behaving as an SD gun should.
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