Shot point blank - murder caught on video

Shot point blank - murder caught on video

This is a discussion on Shot point blank - murder caught on video within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; My wife is in Thailand at the moment visiting family, and this has been all over the news there the last few days. A guy ...

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Thread: Shot point blank - murder caught on video

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    Shot point blank - murder caught on video

    My wife is in Thailand at the moment visiting family, and this has been all over the news there the last few days. A guy walks up and shoots his estranged girlfriend point blank in a coffee shop, and then comes back a few seconds later to make sure he finished the job.

    This is a hard, if not impossible, situation to defend against.

    ** Warning - graphic uncensored video

    ??????? ????????? ????????????????????? 20+ - YouTube
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    There are bad people in this world who wish harm on others as we all know and you cant protect yourself always but you can try your best,that punk shot her in the back
    I could say more...but he does not deserve my time......

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    If you were the victim, there is nothing to be done. Terrible indeed.
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    This is why I generally hang out with at least one more armed person almost all the time. I would hope they would see it coming and save my life because I would do the same for them.

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    What can you say?
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    In that situation, about all you can do is hope you're right with your maker.
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    I dont sit in public places without my back to the wall or at least where i can see the entrances. Dude had a gun in his hands, I may die but he will have lead poisoning.

    But it that does a make a point. If someone wants specifically to kill you personally, unless they are an idiot, you likely are a walking dead person. With half a brain a person can kill you if that is what they set out to do and plan it. Precious little you will be able to do about it.

    Armed and facing the other way she may have had some chance. Or the guy with her armed and paying attention. As it was she had none.

    Side note looks like the killer should get a smaller gun. I thought he was gonna fall over backwards on the first shot.

    Horrible thing.
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    What scum.

    It's a good video to share. Some folks think carrying guns makes them safe; truth is, a gun, skill, situational awareness, and good judgment make one safer, but not safe. This terrible incident illustrates that.
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    It is awful,obviously.That's something i would hate to see happen.

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    Horrible. But it's not something I worry about.

    As Ghost1958 said, if someone really wants to kill you, you are likely a dead person. You can have excellent SA, but you cannot have it 24/7.
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    I hope that scumbag dies screaming!

    He he deserves to be shot like a wild animal.

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    I am sure this worthless creature will be dealt with by the Thailand justice system . Not like here in the US .

    Sad video
    Christian Family Man

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    Lets hope the US media doesnt get that clip. They will pull a Mr. Mackey and hit us with "Guns are bad, M'kay."
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    have a good time spending the rest of your life in one of those fine 5 star thai. prisons, unless they hang you first.

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    ― Thomas Paine

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    It's just sad that there are individuals like this amongst us.
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