Shooting Skills Competition

Shooting Skills Competition

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Thread: Shooting Skills Competition

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    Shooting Skills Competition

    My friends and I want to have one last big shooting day before it gets too cold and the snow starts to fly. We were thinking of doing shooting skills competition kind of like what they would do on the TV show Top Shot for those that have seen it. I have only really watched a few episodes myself so I don't really know what kinds of challenges they do.

    Do you guys have any ideas of some fun challenges/skill shots that we could do? Ideally we would like to keep it pretty cheap as far as targets and materials go. We do have some materials to build targets out of and not against purchasing some things as long as its not .

    We also won't really be able to do much for long distance shots, maybe 150-200yds max, but we could see who can hit the smallest object from the farthest or something like that.

    The guns we have available are: Sig P250 9mm FS and SC, S&W 686 6", RIA 1911, Ruger SR40, Ruger Super Blackhawk .44mag, S&W M&P45, Browning Buckmark, Mossberg 500 12ga, Rem 870 12ga, Rem 597 .22, Mossberg 715t .22, 2 different .308 rifles, and a couple other higher powered rifles I can't remember off the top of my head what all the guys have.

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    IMO......use your imagination! If you've got a few acres that's good. Suggestions? Don't limit yourself. Guns available? Mix and match. After the snow flies and it gets too cold is when the men actually come out and play (LOL!) Finger on the trigger or you can't feel your trigger finger? LOL! Skills? Hey....skills include environment and adaption. Top Shot? I've watched several of those comps. Really a test for experts in the field IMO.
    Sounds like fun though. Rifles, shotguns, pistols. guys got some pumpkin patches up there close to the cheese factory? Maybe some scarecrows in the fields?
    How much space do you have for this ordeal?
    My thinking is.....three gun match. Mix and match the firearms available. Nothing over 50yd. Off hand/ from the shoulder only shooting for rifles and shotguns, and pistol match? Use your imagination and what you have available. Given some time, effort, and engineering (as well as some funds) could really make this 'end of seasons' competition really fun!
    Sounds really cool actually. I wish I could set up something around here like that...and I wish me and my friends could all get together and do something like this once a year. You got it with it. Have fun!

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    I’ve got my own range on 80 acres with about 25 armor plate targets, a set of IDPA target stands w/silhouettes, IDPA swinger, and a knockdown. So we normally set up IDPA stages with a combination of steel 2/3rds IDPA targets, and cardboard silhouettes. I’ve also got a set of 12 bowling pins in AR 500 which we normally break out for one on one after we’re through running stages.

    There’s no reason why you can’t do the same “on the cheap” by substituting materials. For instance chunks of 2x4 or 4x4 make half decent “bowling pins” or knock downs. PVC pipe can be used to make portable target stands, and then all you’ll need to do is hit a recycling center for some big cardboard to cut silhouettes from. We went to a bowling alley and were sold (cheap) pins they were no longer using, the only reason I went to AR500 was longevity, real pins last a long time, but AR500 is pretty permanent.

    For rifle, cheap mild steel will suffice for a couple sessions IF shot with a rifle from a distance and you’ve got a decent backstop. Get a couple pieces of chain, or fan belt and a couple “T” posts and piece of decent steel. We set up steel swingers and then do “walk abouts” and shoot them from various field rests in prep for hunting season. Again you can also use chunks of 4x4 that will hold up for a couple sessions, or you can save up some liter bottles filled with water, a gallon milk jug is about the kill zone on a whitetail.

    I shy away from breakable stuff, bottles etc. Really, your imagination is the limit as long as your backstop is safe. We use a shot timer, but a stop watch is close enough for fun.

    Some of my stuff for ideas:

    homo homini lupus est

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    If you are working on your own top shot competition, all of them are formatted into three catagorys, Rifle long distance, rifle up close timed course involving multiple targets, pistol slow fire longer distance, pistol shorter distance with multiple targets. and the same with a shotgun. or if you can find the ammo do an all rimfire day. a 200 yard shot with a rimfire is doable. Dont forget you need at least one trick shot! Annie Oakley with the mirror, upside down handgun, etc.... DR

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