Your "go to war"/"SHTF" pistol choice

Your "go to war"/"SHTF" pistol choice

This is a discussion on Your "go to war"/"SHTF" pistol choice within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I have been wondering what you all would think of this. Let's say the entire country is in shambles, it's turned into a war zone ...

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Thread: Your "go to war"/"SHTF" pistol choice

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    Your "go to war"/"SHTF" pistol choice

    I have been wondering what you all would think of this.

    Let's say the entire country is in shambles, it's turned into a war zone and people are shooting and killing each other right and left. No more houses, supermarkets, banks, hotels, for whatever fathomable reason, everyone is in a constant state of war/battle. That or if you don't like that, for whatever reason you're part of some sort of armed force of citizens going up against a bunch of bad guys in a war situation - think "Red Dawn," but with time to prepare and select equipment with particularity beforehand.

    Assuming your primary weapon is some sort of rifle/carbine or shotgun, what would your secondary weapon be and why? Seeing as it's probably impractical to start carrying 3, 4, 5 different sidearms on your person at the ready including extra ammo and any other supplies necessary for survival, pick one and stick with it. What would it be? A .44 Magnum revolver for bear protection because you'd get out of dodge and forget full frontal combat? A 9mm or .38/.357 for availability/recoil and capacity in the case of the 9mm? Some other caliber with which you are proficient mainly for that reason?

    I really like my .45 because I can shoot it most accurately and comfortably and while it has its shortcomings, it's a potent enough round for self defense and in the end, it's what I shoot best... so far. I'm still experimenting. I carry the .45 for now, but I have been carrying for less than a year and am still getting my bearings. I thought about getting a Glock 17 because 9mm is so readily available and I really like the Glock platform. 9mm is also what U.S. troops carry, not to mention its prevalence throughout not only civilians but police departments across the country. Then again, everyone seems to own at least one .45, don't they...? People love their 1911s.

    So what would it be and why? Just interested in what you might think about what the best "go to war" sidearm/secondary weapon system would be and your reasons for that choice. Discuss!

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    Personally if its a go to war situation and I im forced to have a rifle as my primary system I think perhaps and Abrams tank would be my preference for a secondary LOL.

    But that isnt the spirit of what your asking. Side arm probably the 45 preferably in a high cap version. Concealed wouldnt be much a concern in that scenario and fmj would likely be the most scroungable ammo to find. If we are really talking war like situation and fmj is what I gotta shoot I want to shoot a 45 acp
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    light saber, that's not a pistol you say? in that case i shall choose a suppressed Hk mark 23
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    Anything that is reliable and accurate would be ok with me.
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    Let's see, which pistol do I do best with in video games...

    I have no idea. The pistol I choose to go to war with might not be the same pistol I would choose if I were leaving Dodge.
    If I were taking the offensive and going to war I'd probably grab a 1911 in .45acp. Why? Because seven is an easy number to count up to. I can see me losing track of how many shots I have left if I was using a high capacity 9mm
    But if I was heading for the hills I might like to have that high cap 9. What do they say? Load it on Sunday and shoot it all week?

    These opinions are subject to change after my third cup.
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    My first thought was my XDm-9 which holds 19+1. But if it were to compliment my carbine (Lever .357) then perhaps my Ruger Police Service Six revolver in .357.
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    In sticking with the spirit of my avatar......a Sonic Screwdriver. Why? In case I have to build something.

    If I have to take it .45.
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    If I can have an unlimited supply of ammo, then it would be a Gen 4 Glock 20 with 6 inch hunting barrel. I would also have a Glock 21 slide and barrel to switch out and use .45acp, have a .40S&W and .357Sig conversion barrel, also a .22LR conversion kit. God Bless
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    Whatever I had the most ammo for at the time.
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    Glock 17.
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    My Ruger P95, it is reliable, accurate and carries 16 rounds.
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    My Glocks along with their conversion barrels for 9/40/357 sig.
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    Concealed carry wouldn't be an issue so I would go with my ruger p95. Built like a tank , accurate, reliable, parts are common, and it makes a good club. Backup would be my shield 9mm .... Shared ammo and 9mm would be scroungable.

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    1911 or Glock in a caliber that starts with a 4
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    The XD .45 would be the first choice simply because it is the only high capacity pistol I have currently and I have more mags for it than any of my semi autos.

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