H&k Usp .45

H&k Usp .45

This is a discussion on H&k Usp .45 within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Greetings all..... I just purchased an H&K USP .45.....well, actually I am getting it for Christmas (thanks to my wife) and I am need some ...

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    H&k Usp .45

    Greetings all.....

    I just purchased an H&K USP .45.....well, actually I am getting it for Christmas (thanks to my wife) and I am need some possitive reinforcement. Was this a good choice? I had a Beretta 90-Two before but it would have a light primer hit every 25 to 50 rounds. Is this a reliable weapon? Everything I have read says yes but I would love to hear from those of you that have one....


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    Hk usp's are a fine gun was one of the first few handguns i've owned

    The He finish is one of the best out there for a factory finish the glock is the other only bad thing with Hk is cost of mags

    I have put quite a few rounds though my usp And never had a problem that wasnt ammo related

    They are a little bulky for carry espically if you wanna go IWB

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    I have a HK45 USP and I love it. I carried it for about a year when I first got it, that was about 6-7 years ago...I use it for HD now...No signs of wear whatsoever.

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    I have the USP Compact in .40, I use it as my carry weapon and it will be going to Gunsite with me this week.

    The OEM (factory) mags are perfect. I've never had a problem with them. The aftermarket hi-cap ones are worthless, IMO. I had feed-jams out the wazoo with them.

    And Bud is right - Never had a problem that wasn't ammo or crappy magazine related... and I'm about 13-14,000 rounds into the gun.
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    +1 on the USP love!

    I've got a USP Compact .45 with 840 rounds through it without any malfunctions.

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    I am also curious what others think. I am debating between the USP .45 and an XD .45 for my primary(if I can ever convince my wife). I would love to hear others thoughts, good or bad on the HK(or XD).
    HK USP .45
    HK P2000sk .40

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    One of the best .45s available

    I've had a USP 45 (full size) for about 6 years and it is a wonderful gun. It is accurate and reliable, and still looks as good as when I bought it. The gun is built like a tank, and when you strip it for cleaning you are struck by how substantial and well made the parts are. If I had to take a chance on taking any new handgun out of the box into a gunfight with no testing, it would be the USP 45.

    It is a little large for carry, but okay under winter clothes. If carry were my main objective I would get the compact version of the gun.

    Mine has the stainless slide:

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    Lets see Have been carrying my USP .45 daily now for the last 6 years.

    Abused N neglect the heck out of it, had it in the AZ desert heat at over 111 degrees, N the Mi cold at - 5.

    It will literally reliably feed any ammo you can fit in the mag, has been 100% reliable, never had a problem with it, have cycled over 5K rounds.

    It still looks and is as tight as new and is as accurate and any tricked out 1911.

    Like it, I love it and would not hesitate to buy it again.
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    HK fan here also. When the 'tupperwear' first came out, it was either Glock or HK.... I went with the HK.

    LOVE IT. The gun outshoots me, never had a problem with it, it doesn't care if it's cleaned or not, it will still feed and fire. Will feed and fire anything.

    I've put maybe 7000 rounds though mine, it's the only one that I have that much though and the first 1000 was done over a one month period when I first got it, all reloads (not mine, from a friend) and will take any type round, +p/+p+.

    In all that time the fit hasn't worn (still as tight as a millionaire with his/her first dollar), the finish looks almost like it is NIB (except for that little boo-boo I did on the front when it hit metal *ouch*), and when I have to take classes it's the pistol I use.

    It's a bit bulky but for some reason the grips fit my hand and I've never found any other standard (some call it high) capacity pistol do the same.

    Tell your wife that she done good . She done real good (she must really love ya, because that is one hell of a great Christmas gift).


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    USP , mine is teh .40. had it since 93. All kinds of outdoor activity weather, all year long. it takes the abuse. The finish shows some wear, but not any shiny spots. Never had any cycling problems other than ammo related.
    I like the USP over the XD for a couple reasons. Better finish. Manual safety. (with the C'n'L option). great grip texture. some folks complain about the sharp checkered grip, but I found a few range trips got me used to it.
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    I love my USP .40

    You made a good choice.

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