Your idea of most comfortable grips?

Your idea of most comfortable grips?

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Thread: Your idea of most comfortable grips?

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    Your idea of most comfortable grips?

    What gun feels best in your hand? There has to be a gun that you own or one you have held at a gun shop or show or at the range that left a great impression on you for pure comfort.

    The three most comfortable guns that Ive ever held (in no order) are a Gen 2 Glock 17 that I own, a friend's Dan Wesson full size .357 revolver, and a Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle that I held at a gun shop.

    What about you? I figured it would be interesting to see what sorts of guns left an impression on you for a good feel in the hand.

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    Ive owned several over the years that I liked the feel of. Not all were what I would call your average cc handgun but I did cc all of them at some point.

    Strangely enough the two the wife and I have presently actually have the best feel of any semi autos Ive owned which are SR9 and SR9C. I like the feel of 1911s but dont own one and the SRs grip etc has a thin feel to them that reminds me a bit of one. I like the feel of the grip on the sw and sd ve smiths also just not as well as the SRs.

    Revolvers I think the one I liked the feel of best that I ever owned was a Colt Frontier Scout. Followed closely by a Ruger security six with Pachmyer grips in a 2 3/4 in barrel.
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    I prefer a checker plate rubber grip. I also like the feel of Hogue type rubber finger grips most of the time. The problem with molded finger grips, at least for me, is that my hands can change form day to day. Say I have a blister on a finger. That might change the way a molded finger grip feels on any given day. With a plain rubber grip, I can grasp it securely and slightly compensate as needed which is harder to do with molded finger grips.
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    I don't know about comfortable, but the best grip I had was the Talon "sandpaper" grips on my XD. However, once I started caryying IWB, the grip would rub on my skin. Switch to the rubber Talon grips, although not as good as the sandpaper grips, works real well and does not rub you skin raw.

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    I love the Hogue Monogrips on my Ruger Service Six.

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    For my carry guns, I use the opposite logic; Since I'm carrying 99% of the time vs. shooting, I choose grips that are the most comfortable to carry. 'Boot grips on the revolver, and short-gripped Glocks. The knurling on the wooden 1911 grips are great to shoot with, but rub me raw.
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    Pachmyre makes really comfortable good grips that were more popular several years back but you can still get them. Both my S&W Mod. 66 and Mod. 60 have them.
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    Initial grip feel good is not a choice for me on my guns. I make them feel good by continuing use until they feel natural. I would never choose a gun based on how it feels.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck808 View Post
    What gun feels best in your hand ... for pure comfort?
    For pure comfort, irrespective of utility ...

    Browning Hi-Power.
    CZ P-01.
    H&K P30.

    And, back when, a revolver that had a monstrous, curvy set of Pachmayr rubberized grips on it. Hands-down, the most comfortable revolver that I've ever shot, one that was a comparative bear to shoot with wooden "boot" grips.

    IIRC, I handled a Colt Python about 30yrs ago and loved the overall feel. Don't remember whether it had stock grips or after-market ones. Big, sure, but fairly comfortable.
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    I can agree with you on the Baby Eagles. I have both the polymer and steel versions in 9mm and .40 and they sure do feel great in the hands. The most comfortable grip I've recently felt would be the Ruger SR1911 I fondled a few weeks ago.
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    The 1911 and the Browning P-35.
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    I love the feel of a 1911, there is just something about it. As for a carry gun, I really like the third gen S&W autos.
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    Topping my list are the pre-war K and N frame magna grips from S&W.

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    i like the fat glock grips
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    I prefer the Hogue soft rubber mono grip on my revolvers . Wife likes pachmyr small sized grip on her DW. I also have a Hogue palm sweel grip on my 1911 and rubber inner tube cut to fit on our poly carry pistols.

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