I recently purchased a Ruger SR-22 to teach my wife to shoot and to have something that is more economical to shoot than my 9mms and .40s. After a very rough day in the Army, I got off early and headed to the range to shoot. Boy this little thing shoots well both in double action and single action modes. Now this is no target trigger, the double action pull is kind of rough compared to my Sig P250 and Ruger LCR, and the single action has some take up before breaking. However all and all it shoots really well. No problem shooting groups at 10 yards with it. I ran 200 rounds of CCI hyper velocity, CCI standard velocity, and some Remington high velocity without any problems at all. Reading other blogs and shooting a buddies SR -22 beforehand, ammo really isnít an issue and it will run most ammo all day long. All and all itís a cute little gun to shoot, accurate and wonít break the bank on ammo. More to follow as I run more ammo though it, and the way things are going at work it maybe tomorrow.