I am in love...

I am in love...

This is a discussion on I am in love... within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; with the 1911! I finally shot my Ruger SR1911 and I absolutely love it! I have never shot a 1911 or anything in .45 for ...

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Thread: I am in love...

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    I am in love...

    with the 1911!

    I finally shot my Ruger SR1911 and I absolutely love it! I have never shot a 1911 or anything in .45 for that matter. 250 rounds of various 230 gr. target ammo and I was all smiles the whole time. Not a single hiccup. I could not believe how accurate it is. Recoil is amazingly awesome. I don't need to keep going because most of you know how great the 1911 is. I am glad I finally got to experience it.

    This is my first 1911 but it definitely wont be my last.

    Getting more ammo tomorrow and it's back to the range on Saturday.

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    And so it starts . Oddly I dont own one but one like the try a ruger or springer one day . The soft recoil part always peak my interest ...

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    Be very careful, they are addictive.
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    Have fun !!!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails I am in love...-1911-meme-generator-too-many-1911-s-said-no-one-ever-7d78db.jpg  

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    It's amazing how that happens. I already have 3 of them...still want more. Congratulations on your new addiction.

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    What do 1911's and Lays potato chips have in common? You can't have just 1!!
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    1911s are fantastic shooters. There's a reason they've been around so long yet remain so popular. Think of all the "advancements" in handguns we've seen come and go since Browning put this thing together for the first time!

    That said, I don't have one that actually functions as a firearm these days. (I do have one in a display case- the one and only firearm I own that is intended to do anything other than help me survive.) However I'm missing having the option. At some point there will be a new 1911 in my safe.
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    My wife hates shooting either of my 1911s. Not the platform, but a .45acp is too much for her. As I have posted, I bought her a Kimber Sapphire 9mm for her birthday. Now, it's her favorite. Not just because it's a beautiful gun, but because it shoots like a dream. She's now a 1911 platform addict...so long as it's a 9mm.
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    I am in love...-dscn4222.jpg

    It's not mine, belongs to my buddy misterfats123. It was sweet to shoot it.
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    I have had many Colt 1911s and have loved the all over the decades.
    Just got a Sig Ultra II, 3 inch carry, It shoots sooo well.

    Still love my 'plastic' Kodak .45s, but they are like Pepsi in a Coca-Cola world. Same thing but not.
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    Welcome to the club!

    As a kid I had always heard about the 1911's recoil from my dad and his friends who were all WWII vets. My dad enjoyed shooting, absolutely loved the M1 Carbine, but admitted he couldn't hit squat with the .45 and associated that with the recoil. My first defensive pistol was a 1911 in .45 and that was the first .45 I ever shot. That was close to 25 years ago and I can only imagine I was gritting my teeth and had every muscle tensed in anticipation of the recoil, until the first couple of shots. What a pleasant surprise! I could shoot that gun all day with full-power loads and never give it a second thought. Snub .38s with even standard-pressure loads, I can't say the same.

    These days, shooting the .45 auto is pretty relaxing and the feel of the 1911 recoiling in my hand is comforting. My hands might get worn out from stuffing the magazines, but not the shooting!
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    My dad carried the 1911 and M1 carbine in WWII, and I'd always heard the stories about how inaccurate the 1911 was. Then back in about 1977, while out on an open shooting area, a fellow had a 1911 and offered to let me try it. I'll confess it had been "accuracized" but knocking over soda cans at 15-20 yards was a piece of cake, even for me. Dummy me has never managed to spend the bucks on one, but I truly see the appeal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by archer51 View Post
    What do 1911's and Lays potato chips have in common? You can't have just 1!!
    Yup, part of the collection.

    I am in love...-sa_comp_r.jpg I am in love...-sr1911cmd_r.jpg I am in love...-coltde_r.jpg I am in love...-img_0690.jpg I am in love...-colt_r.jpg I am in love...-img_0581.jpg
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    I have none , I sure have alot of catching up to do . Btw nice guns

    No 1911's
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    I am in love...-1911-2.jpgI am in love...-1911-3.jpg

    My baby. She now has CT grips, Wilson back-strap safety, wilson firing pin, firing pin spring & firing pin block and went to Wilson for a reliability package service.
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