What of your collection have you sold and why?

What of your collection have you sold and why?

This is a discussion on What of your collection have you sold and why? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I do not work for the government and I rebuke Satan... Maybe this will help others decide on things to buy or let go. If ...

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Thread: What of your collection have you sold and why?

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    Unhappy What of your collection have you sold and why?

    I do not work for the government and I rebuke Satan... Maybe this will help others decide on things to buy or let go. If nothing else we get to talk about guns.

    I'll kick it off with what I remember:

    Taurus PT145 - because it was pure garbage. The trigger had an obscenely long trigger pull.
    Ruger LC9 - sold that due to the disgusting trigger pull and wanted a pistol that holds up to a high round count.
    Ruger SR9c - Sold to someone who needed home protection. I financed the deal for them to help them purchase a firearm. I really liked it and do miss owning it.
    Glock 20 - simply because of the ammo situation. I do regret selling it however.
    Glock 32 - needed money and owned a G23.
    Glock 23 - wanted a Glock 26 for concealed carry.
    Glock 26 - I still don't know why I sold it. I tried backing out but the guy only paid more.
    VEPR Pioneer 7.62 x39 - HATED the mag release and that it couldn't be fully converted.
    VEPR .223 - Magazine unavailability and the barrel wasn't threaded and pinned. Sold that today and is why I made the thread. Kind of regret selling but need that money anyway.

    Trying to sell several others right now.
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    Sold my Colt, Pre-Ban(Brady bill) HBAR when i turned 21 so i could buy a handgun. ...oops.

    Sold my Ruger M77 Mk2 in .243 winchester. not a deer or antelope season goes by i don't miss that little rifle.

    i've bought, sold, and traded a lot of guns over the years, those are the only two that "hurt".
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    I sold my 9mm Colt('s) Commander & High Standard Victor 10X. Because I was...S-T-UUUUU-P-I-D.
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    The only gun I've ever sold is a Taurus PT22. I had no problems with it, but just had no use for it and I really wanted a fun target shooter. Turned around a purchased a Ruger MKIII to replace it. Much more fun.

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    I sold my Rem 1100 shot gun and replaced it with a Saiga 12
    I hunt with the lighter 870 model and did not need the 1100

    also sold my NAA 22lr mini
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    None in 43 years I have never sold a fire arm that came my way. I destroyed one that was unfit for use and R&G revolver.
    A few of mine are in my adult children hands ones that will be their when I am gone.
    Never wanted to get involved in selling anything to do with a fire arm. You do end up with a lot of stuff over that many years when you keep it all.
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    A good many of them.
    Out of sheer, abject lunacy.

    No other explanation for it.
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    What of your collection have you sold and why?

    I've sold quite a few. I won't list them ALL here because it would rekindle heartache, shame and pain!

    But the reasons are always budgetary, practicality and space. I only have so much money and space in my house and I am very practical with what guns I own. They either have to be really fun to shoot or they have to be great carry guns of the same general platform.

    I will list the three I wished I never sold and the three that I couldn't get rid of quick enough:

    Top Three I Wish I Never Sold:
    1) Ruger LCP: that little pea shooter was reliable and hid anywhere. Sure it was pew pew .380 and not a fun gun to hit the range wish. But man could that gun hide well! There are still days I wished I had it.

    2) Glock 20: I didn't give the 10mm round enough of a chance. I should have gotten a bunch of barrels for it and make it a super HD gun and range toy

    3) Sig Sauer P522: my first semi auto .22 plinker. Super reliable and tons of fun to shoot. I sold it to buy my first carry gun, the LC9. Bad choice! Which brings me to...

    Guns I Couldn't Get Rid of Quick Enough:

    1) Ruger LC9: more safeties than a high priced chastity belt. A trigger pull so long you could perform a countdown from initial pull to bang. Couldn't hit boo with it. Too big for pocket carry. Too light for 9 mm recoil. Why did I get rid of my P522 for this?!?

    2) Taurus Millenium Pro .45: aka jam-o-matic. And a Taurus. Started promising but I couldn't get thru a single magazine without at least two malfunctions. Got rid of it in 24 hours as a trade in.

    3) Hi-Point carbine .40S&W: just 10 rounds per mag, not fun to shoot, butt ugly, cheaply made. Did I mention it was ugly?

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    I sold my Ruger .44mag Carbine = Stupid.
    I sold my Browning Semi 12 ga, bought it new as it was the 1st year they went to gas operated = Stupid.
    I sold my StarPD .45acp (favorite sidearm I ever owned) = Stupid

    Sold my S&W 586 for money to donate to the NRA, during some big Gun-Control push somewhere = Wise Decision.
    Sold my ANIB Mossberg 930 STX 8+1 Semi-Auto shotgun with extras to help the NRA with that last BIG, Anti-Gun Senate Vote = Wise Decision.

    ZERO REGRETS on the last two (they were NECESSARY), but the Fight had to be fought. Freedom Ain't Free.

    The U.S. Constitution says we must be willing to sacrifice our 'FORTUNES' & Lives to defend our Rights. (I hope my extra little $1800. helped)
    Isn't much, but I'm on a fixed income. I'll still fight the 0bummer, Bloomberg, Feinstein crowd the best I can.
    Retired Deputy- State Trooper (38 long years) 8 yrs RTO - MS Degree- Criminology
    Gun Control measures are Unconstitutional Infringements. Period.
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    Only ones I've sold -

    S&W Sigma 9mm - great gun, never malfunctioned just didn't like the long, heavy trigger and was moving on to the M&P's and eventually Glocks. I still wish I had it because it was the first gun I bought and it was flawless.

    2 Taurus TCP's - good size pocket pistols, and I liked the ergos better than the LCP but I finally got fed up with them not feeding occasionally and an extra mag I bought didn't ever function in the gun. Glad to have gotten rid of em, glad I replaced with the LCP and learned to stay away from Taurus and the likes.

    Dan Wesson 357 magnum - traded for another semi-auto, wasn't the biggest fan of the revolver. Like the gun I traded it for a LOT more, glad to have traded that one.

    Other than those I plan on keeping everything else I have and get from here on out.
    The stupidity of some people NEVER ceases to amaze me.

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    I sold my Kimber because it stayed in the safe all the time and it was too big to carry concealed.

    I sold my Browning Cynergy 12 gauge because I already have a lot of shotguns and I bought an SKS and an AK47.

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    My first Glock, a 17 L, found out it was too big for IDPA, so sold it and bought a G34 (which I still use in IDPA)
    Mossburg Maverick 18.5" pump action shotgun, it just sat in the closet after the one time I fired it and hubby had to catch me from falling on my a**.
    S&W SD9VE, could never get accustomed to that loooong trigger pull.
    Taurus PT 92, nice gun, just could never reach the mag release which slowed me down in IDPA.
    Bersa Firestorm .45, loved the gun was my daily carry for 10 years, but wanted more than 7+1 round capacity so bought a SCCY, ended up missing the .45 caliber, so bought a Glock 21 as well.

    Sara Lou
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    Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn...

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    Second gen 9mm smith and wesson bought it back. Remington bdl 308 heavy barrel sold it on the cheap needed the money. Still kicking myself for that one,it's been like 10 years.

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    I sold my Kimber CDP ultra. Great gun but a pain in the backside to break down. 3" 45's are just not for me. I also sold my HK USP. Needed money. That was just stupid. Finally I sold my FN tactical because the market wash hot and I almost doubled my money. Loved it but hard to resist that kind of return.
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    Not one piece of iron in over 45+ years of shooting.
    I am 56 this year. I will never sell a firearm or a camera.

    Tis the reason I have three gun safes, 4 if you count the finger safe in the bedroom.

    Not sure I will trust my son with them, but I have plenty of nephews drooling over them.

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