Hey guys, I just finished testing the Speer Gold Dot 223 Duty Ammunition, and I thought you all might want to see it.

For those that aren't familiar with the Gold Dot, it's a 64 grain GDSP (Gold Dot Soft Point) projectile. It's incredibly popular for defensive use in both rifle and pistol cartridges. We tested it using clear ballistic gelatin from clearballistics.com. The gel matches the density of human tissue which makes it perfect for ammunition tests. The gel is reasonably cheap, around $120, and reusable.

Video: Speer Gold Dot 223 Duty Ammunition Ballistic Gelatin test - YouTube

Extra Info:
test Weapon - Ruger Mini 14
Distance - 15 Feet
Temperature - 65 Degrees F
Elevation - 2800 Feet above sea level
Humidity - 44%