I am not sure if this is best place to post this but....

I have been looking into getting a Sirt training gun. The pro model is a bit steep in price for me but seen a few decent deals(1/2 price vs pro) on the performer series. The main difference is plastic slide over metal and red/red laser vs green/red. I am just curious is anyone has any experience with this model. If so pros/cons would be greatly appreciated. I have looked into other laser trainers like the laserlyte bore laser,but i don't like that you have to "rack" the slide to reset trigger after each shot. If the point of training is working on muscle memory and fundamentals it seems like that would add a bad habit which is counterproductive.

I will just be using this to train around the house so the added durability of the pro model isn't needed but I am curious about the added value of the green/red laser setup. There is a performer model that has both colors that is cheaper than the pro model but not by much.

Thanks,any info/feedback will be greatly appreciated