Wanting a .308, but which

Wanting a .308, but which

This is a discussion on Wanting a .308, but which within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I am looking to purchase a .308 sometime first half of next year but am conflicted by so many nice long guns available. bank looks ...

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Thread: Wanting a .308, but which

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    Wanting a .308, but which

    I am looking to purchase a .308 sometime first half of next year

    but am conflicted by so many nice long guns available. bank looks to

    be 1200/1500 dollars . I do pine for a M14 but that may just be

    becuase it was first weapon I shoot enough to be consistent with.

    any thoughts?
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    No Thoughts on this one, it's a no brainier.
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    M14 would be good but also - consider a good FAL. This is assuming you want to go semi. For bolt then a Savage is a very good deal re value. The money saved at purchase is money towards ammo!

    For FAL's, look around for a build on an Imbel preferably.

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    +1 on the FAL
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    Your choice should be guided by your desired application(s). If you want a tight shooter, but don't really care about weight, look at the Savage Mod 10FP HS precision. It weighs 10# but is ultra-precise. Remington makes a bunch of .308's in the Model 700 series.

    If you want a good, rugged, accurate rifle for hunting (and sniping), Savage and Remington make good choices. I have a SIG SHR970 in .30-06, but it's available in .308. It shoots anything within 1" and my handloads are between 1/4" and 1/2". You will have to search for one (prob online auction) to find one, but it will be worth the hunt!
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    Too many choices to list em all. But the ones suggested so far are good options. Also the Rem 700 or Win 70 are good bolt guns.
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    what are you going to use it for??? hunting, matches, long range shooting at the range, or you just want to be a "rambo" ??? for the first three the remington model 700 bdl in 308 is hard to beat. one of the best bull barrel 308 rifle around. find a old weaver t-scope in 25 power and you have one of the best hunting/match/long range shooting rifle around. get yourself a adjustable timney trigger and the bdl will be hard to beat. for "rambo" buy something cheap and use the rest of your money for ammo.
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    I like Savage 308, and Remington 308, but there is one rifle that gets overlooked a lot, that is the Ruger 77, mine has a bull barrel and it groups 1/2 min angle. It shoots les the an inch at 200 yds if I do my part.

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    I'd say go with the FAL or and M1A. I've shot both before in the past regularly (may get another one in the future if my budget ever loosens again) and quite enjoyed them. I used to have an old Armalite AR10, but wouldn't recommend it. It was VERY picky about what ammo I fed it for dinner in the evenings (part of the reason I sold it some time ago). If I didn't feed it match ammo it basically puked after 50 rounds or so (and yes I cleaned and lubed between range sessions!). So basically about every other mag it had problems. Everything from FTF's to FTE's and no one I took it to could figure it out. Nothing was actually broken. It just thought it was high and mighty.

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    DPMS (panther Arms) 308...

    evil black gun and cool

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    if you want a semi auto, you might want to look at a saiga.
    fbmg is now making 20 round mags for them.

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    I have two .308's (7.62X51 NATO).
    a. Springfield Armory M1A Scout Squad, semi auto, mags hold 20 rounds.
    b. Indian Ishapore Enfield 2A1, bolt action, mag holds 12 rounds.
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    I have a Rem 700 LTR with a Leupold Mark 4 Long Range Tactical M1 Scope 30mm Tube 3.5-10x 40mm Illuminated Mil-Dot Reticle Matte put out by the remington custom shop. I consistently get .5 MOA with this rifle and Black Hills .308 168grn match ammo. This was a limited run but the regular LTR: http://www.remingtonle.com/rifles/700pltr.htm or the 700P: http://www.remingtonle.com/rifles/700p.htm are both excellent rifles. There are many others but you can get this rifle put together almost the way you want it with your budget.

    This is assuming you want an accurate long gun. If you want a battle rifle, I would go with the FAL.

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    NM M1A1, How much is your Life worth to you?, When you care to send the very best down range. IMHO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MR D View Post
    DPMS (panther Arms) 308...

    evil black gun and cool
    Another vote for the DPMS (although I also love the M14). I've had a Panther carbine for about a year, and it's a great weapon. Extremely accurate and altogether reliable. I've added the Harris bipod and a Nikon Buckmaster 4 x 12 scope, as it's my long-range weapon of choice. Here's a pic, before I added the bipod and scope, alongside my Rock River AR.

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