Hey everybody! Bob here. <aka Class3NH> I DON'T make any commission, but let them (gun floor managers) know that I posted the info on the Forum.
This is NOT SPAM!.....I'm a Forum member and wanted to pass on some good info to you. Just in case you were contemplating a new gun purchase
I just want you to know that where I work (Kittery Trading Post Kittery Maine) The Storeis having a SMITH AND WESSON WEEKEND April 12-13, 2014.
TONS of deals to be had
Shields with CT laser 499.99
Shields W/O laser 399.95
M&P handguns on sale too.
S&W REVOLVERS on sale too
M&P rifles on sale
Sporters are 649.95

LOTS of other items to many to mention PLUS unadvertised guns on sale.

GIFT CARDS given too! UNDER 500.00 will recieve a 25.00 Gift card
OVER 500.00 will recieve a 50.00 gift card
Trades accepted too.....

Here's the Flyer ::
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