Hey guys,
I know a few here own older Rossi / Interarms revolvers and have seen discussion on the limited grip options for these sweet shooters. I have an early 80s Rossi m68 that I use as a bedside gun and I've been looking at rubber grip options for it. I found these grips on some of the new Rossi / Braztecs at Rossiusa.com and liked them, but wasn't sure if they would fit. They sell them on the sight for an incredible $18 shipped. I figured at that price I'd be willing to take a gamble. Anyway they arrived today and fit the rounded m68 butt perfectly. Unfortunately the peg holes didn't match up and I had to tap a couple of 1/32" holes to fit the frame pegs and viola! The seams don't match up perfectly (I'll probably use a craft blade to trip) and they're not as solid as wood grips, but they're really pretty comfy and do what they're supposed to! Here's a pic!