Just ordered an Armscor M206

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Thread: Just ordered an Armscor M206

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    Just ordered an Armscor M206

    From Buds Gun Shops, and the local FFL is a preferred FFL so shipping was free! After carrying a S&W 64 at my job I've decided to switch from my Taurus TCP 380 to a Snub 38. It was 245$ OTD! Any recommendations on Holsters would be greatly appreciated. I imagne would prefer a OWB holster (I wear flanel untucked off work) because it would be more comfortable than wearing an IWB?
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    By far the best and most comfortable method I've tried for snub carry is IWB appendix in a holster I made from a pocket holster and a clip from a Crossbreed holster.

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    Good luck with a holster ... Best bet is to find what the gun is a clone of and hope that the are close enough to fit .. People around here are ok with them .. A bit crude but they seem to work

    As for holster .. Owb is very commfy esp for a exposed hammer gun.. Tight fitting pancack maybe ?

    IWb will work but I would think you would need to dress around the gun by at least one or two sizes larger pants
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    I had an M206A (bobbed hammer) and it was a good gun. Me, I used a Sticky Holster which I had on hand that fit. I had to trade it away for a dryer when ours died. I did like it but it was the sacrificial lamb when I needed the dryer.
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    The Armscor 206 is a copy of the Colt Detective Special, so holsters made for that gun will fit.

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    Ive shot one, and liked it. Once I leave CA, Ill be buying one. My friend carry's his IWB and In a coat pocket. He said once the finish wears off He will have his Dura Coated. DR


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