Electroless nickel question

Electroless nickel question

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Thread: Electroless nickel question

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    Electroless nickel question

    Might have a chance at an electroless nickel finished Combat Commander. I have no experience with this finish, but sure love my Commander size 1911. I would like this as another potential carry gun if I get it. Will it wear well in this application? Good corrosion/sweat resistance? Seems like a nice piece that hasn't seen 1,000 rounds yet and I'm haggling on the price to see if I can get it to $500 or less. Watcha think?
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    I like electroless nickel

    I have 2 guns with factory electroless nickel finish and I like the finish. They are a Sig P226 and a Colt Gold Cup (series 70). The finish is extremely attractive, with a slightly different color than either stainless steel or hard chrome, both of which it resembles.

    The electroless nickel finish will wear if you holster and use the gun, but it is far more durable than a blued finish. And you can have the nickel replated if you wish, probably for about $100. If I saw a Colt Commander with electroless nickel in excellent condition for $500, I would jump on it.

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    Nice pics Pogo

    Indeed electroless is way superior to std Ni plating, which as can be seen so often on some older guns can ''peel'' and come off.

    QK has previously posted some useful info on the electroless method and a search on 'electroless' might turn that up ....... but in essence as I see it, it is a method that does much more than apply layers - it actually bonds the Ni to the substrate.

    I see it as more analagous perhaps to the anodic effects on aluminum re durability. It's a nice finish.
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    go for it

    Actually Electroless Nickel will not so much "wear off" from holster wear but a "matte finish" of Nickel may sort of "polish itself" on the highlight areas of the firearm but, the protective Nickel is still there.

    If it's done right then it is absolutely "right up on top" as being one of the all time best finishes for firearms.
    Extremely tough and quite wear resistant.
    It's molecularly bonded to the base metal.
    No flake ~ no peel.
    Not quite as hard as chrome but (for sure) hard enough.
    Superior to hard chrome because of the fact that it is not a "micro~cracked" finish like chrome and so will not "rust pit" in spots (like the old decorative chrome car bumpers did)
    No possible Hydrogen embrittlement problems like chrome.
    Unlike chrome it plates evenly everywhere including deep recesses.
    Most chrome these days is flash coated (for color) over a substrate of Electroless Nickel anyway called CON Chrome Over Nickel

    In short it is a great finish for firearms.
    For guns...there are many advantages for EN over chrome and no disadvantages except for the fact that chrome has a slightly better and more traditional color.

    Oh & yes - I used to do plating 5 days a week for years...silver - brass - copper - gold - decorative nickel - chrome & electroless nickel.
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    yes it is a good finish

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