Finnaly got out to the range today to try out my new 45s (the 1911a1 91compact and a 36 glock) ..

I was overjoyed by my 1911a1 .. It fired all the rounds I bought from winny ball to hornday and golden saber HP.. I been getting worried I was going to have to hunt down guard dog and the like ammo for it .. But no it fired amazing .. So smooth and nice .. Ever happier to find that the 10 round chip and 8 round chip mags ran great in it with only one FTF ( might have been me on that ) ....

But I am not sure on the 91 compact it ran fine but it really hammered me in the web of my hand so not sure what I want to do with it .. Any ideas .. Maybe add a longer bevertail ? Any suggestion to brand ??

My 36 also not sure on ... It was having some hangup with ammo and I am not sure I like the way there is a gap in the mag to gun ( same issue with the 30/s ) but unlike the 30s there are no flush mags for them.. Might put some pearce grips on it and try it again ..

I did also find out I really like Makrovs .. A while back I had picked up a china com 59 but monday I have put some more compact russian grips on it ( it had target grips ) ... It ran great even with HP ammo ... Cant wait to get a holster for it

And lastly I did try out the new ppks 380 I got .. Still need some more time with that it seems to run good but had some odd feed issues ( again might be me )

So all in all had fun and now got some things to fig out ..