Workin on my Rossi Levergun

Workin on my Rossi Levergun

This is a discussion on Workin on my Rossi Levergun within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Spent the last couple days reading about ways to upgrade my new Rossi 92. First on the list of things to make better was the ...

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Thread: Workin on my Rossi Levergun

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    Workin on my Rossi Levergun

    Spent the last couple days reading about ways to upgrade my new Rossi 92. First on the list of things to make better was the sights. I really wanted a Peep Sight, and the options are very limited. Considered a Tang Sight, but they're way too expensive, and I just didn't like the looks of them. Came across two different types of Receiver mounted peeps, one mounts on the top of the receiver, the other to the side. Both require drilling and tapping the receiver to mount them, and I'm just not confident enough to make an attempt at that. Skinner makes a barrel mounted peep sight that replaces the barrel mounted buckhorn sights, but that seems kind of impractical to me. Aren't peeps supposed to be close to your eye to be the most effective? Having one half way down the barrel just doesn't make sense to me, but I could be wrong and they're awesome. Did some searching on a Rossi Rifle Forum and found exactly what I wanted.

    A Bolt mounted peep sight for the 92 that replaces it's goofy safety. It's adjustable for elevation, I'll have to move the front sight if I'm shooting left or right when I sight her in the first time. I think it's a minor inconvenience for knocking out two birds with one stone. I want to replace the front sight as well. I'm not fond of the gold bead at all and would prefer a white one, maybe a fiber optic. I haven't ordered one yet though because I'm not sure of what height to get with the new peep yet. I'm thinking I might have to get the next highest front sight once the peep is mounted. Time will tell. I've been reading that the action of the 92 can be greatly improved with a new extractor spring, so I ordered one of those along with the Peep sight. Ordered a new stainless follower to replace the yellow plastic one. That should prevent any future headaches in that department.

    I also read that most of the internal moving parts of the Rossi's are pretty rough and the gun's action could be greatly improved by polishing up all the surfaces that make contact with other parts. So I broke her apart and was shocked by how rough some of the surfaces were inside there. The bolt and where it rides in the receiver especially. There was rough machining marks all over the moving parts. Some spots were extremely, even pathetically rough. So I broke out the sand paper and oil and went to work. I started inside the receiver first and went over all the rough stuff with some 300 grit with a few drops of oil on it. That knocked all the roughness out so I hit it all again with some 800 grit and oil to really smooth it up. I didn't want to remove much of the surface metal, so I sanded everything as lightly as possible. Once the receiver was nice and smooth I moved on to the bolt The sides of it were sickening. Not only rough with tool/machine marks, but all the edges were jagged and sharp. So I started lightly sanding all the contact surfaces there as well, first with 300, then 800, then 1000. I was able to it polished real slick. Did the same to the Bolt's locking lugs.

    Same process on the sides of the hammer, and only a little 1000 grit to the rest of it's surfaces as I didn't want to mess up the sear's ability to mate with the lock up with the trigger. The trigger also got the once over with only the 1000 for the same reason. I also cleaned up and smoothed the edge of the trigger's leaf spring where it makes contact with the trigger. That step should take about 1lb off the trigger's pull. Saw a trick others have done to further lighten the trigger by stacking 2 small shims under the front of the spring fashioned out of a soda can, but I decided to forgo that step. I don't want too light of a pull, this is a hunting gun not a race gun.

    Stupid me forgot that I was going to need a snap cap or spent case to compress the extractor and spring to fit the botl and lever and put the roll pin back in it. So I called my Uncle who collects guns and reloads. Luckily for me he had a few 44 Special cases on hand. So I made the 35 minute drive to pick them up. Hung out there for a while talking guns. He doesn't reload 45-70 but told me if I bought the Dies and supplies I could come out and use his press. Wish he would have told me that BEFORE I bought the .44 LOL. Oh well, another gun is on the list to be bought!

    Came home and assembled everything. I plan to put a super thin coat of Molly Grease on the surfaces where the bolt and receiver mate, maybe where the trigger and hammer mate as well. But I'm not doing that until I get the new extractor spring put in. It already feels like a completely different gun when working the action. It's nice and smooth now, not gritty like it was before. Adding the extractor spring should make it even better. Measured the trigger pull with a cheapie gauge and it's coming in between 3.14 to 4.6ish. I'm fine with that.

    Put a lot of work into her today. My hands are cramping up a little from all the fine sanding, but it was worth it. I'm very happy with the results, and extremely proud of myself.

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    Hope it all comes out to your satisfaction.

    I bought my LSI/Rossi Puma 92 in 2008. It was fine out of the box. It's still in stock form. Haven't changed a thing.

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    I have an AK that I put a peep/ghost ring on. It mounts where the rear sight was, halfway down the barrel. I like it a lot better than the factory sight, which my eyes just couldn't seem to find the notch. I say give it a try.

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    I just replaced the barrel mount Skinner with that same Steve Young sight.
    Two reasons, more height adjustment and added sight radius. Kept the Skinner
    " made for Rossi " higher front sight but haven't been to the range to see if any
    trimming might be necessary. Must check POA / POI and do the math.
    Before changing I did learn I had better results with WWW 130gr .357mag over
    my 158gr reloads. Have some 125gr reloads to test next.
    Did your new sight fit snug ? Mine didn't and Steve suggested rotating the sleeve
    90 degrees and filing a less deep groove for the retaining pin. I haven't done that

    R92 357mag.JPG
    To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target.

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    LOVE the lever guns. Basic, reliable, accurate and tons of fun. In .22 and .38/.357 they are the PERFECT companions, to my wheel guns, in a SHTF situation.

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    A lot of people used to do what was called a "Toothpaste" action job to their Rossi guns. Some old brands of toothpaste have a 1200 grit scouring powder in them. You would basically coat the working parts and cycle the action a few thousand times. Then disassemble and clean. It works well enough that many have successfully done it with good results. As far as barrel mounted peeps Ive used them for years without any problems. here's one I made to fit a factory sight.

    The aperture was made from an old hack saw blade. The large hole is the blade mounting hole. it turned out to be too large so I turned it over and drilled another. This sight is very fast to acquire the target in. But its accurate out passed 200 yds. Or that's as far as I've tried it. Its on a brush gun that I use on hogs. DR
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    Nice work on the home made barrel peep. Looks good. Like I said, I wasn't sure if they're effective in that location so I didn't mess with trying one. Once I saw the bolt peep/safety replacement I couldn't order it fast enough.

    One thing I forgot to get was a blank to put into the barrel's dovetail. Wondering if anyone makes them so they fit flush and only fill in the dovetail and keep to the lines of the barrel. I'd much prefer than than the typical ones I've seen so far. If I can't find something like that I may get creative with a dremmel and see if I can fashion one out of the current rear sight's dovetail.

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