Got to playing with a AR180 at a gun shop .. For a gun made that long ago it is very neat.. Sort of a gas piston ar /ak mix .. Felt really nice had the old school SP1 vibe to it .. Lot of interesting ideas but nothing ever happen to it and it faded in history ...

But what made me sad was when someone finally brought it back .. Armalight in fact it was some crap 1994 AWB version that had none of the neat stuff the old one did like a side folding stock AR flash hider and bayo mount .. And worst part was it was a crap polymer lower ..

Really if they was one gun I wish they brought back this would it ..

So many great ideas here .. Heck even the Scope mount was to me one of the first rail systems ( and this was 1960-1970 tec now )

Still dont why this gun never took off on the US market back when it came out even colt was not making any or many AR clones

I think I may get it to keep the history alive .. The only issue is finding freaking mags for them they take moddy AR mags not hard to do just wish I had some orgs for it esp the 40 rounders

Best part to me on the gun is the fact that it was made in England and imported through a company in CA