Pistol safe

Pistol safe

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Thread: Pistol safe

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    Pistol safe

    Since I will be leaving the house and living on my own for college I would like to take both of my handguns. However I need a safe that is compact and can hold both of them. It also needs to have easy accessibility for HD. Any suggestions? I will not be living on campus so there are no legality issues.

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    Thank you. Looks like a decent set up!

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    Do a youtube search of stack on safes. I saw a presentation (in here I thought) showing how easy a kid could get into stack on and similar safes. Most are built in China and they simply don't have a good understanding of how to make a secure system (although their hackers appear to be excellent). Do the youtube search. It is about a 46 minute presentation but skip the first 20 minutes. Then he gets to the good stuff. He names names (brands and models). Even calls out California for approving some ridiculously unsafe safes.

    Ok, I found it. Post by American23 June 5, 2014 at 6:53 am.
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    Any of these will hold at least two handguns plus a few magazines. One gun as primary in the quick access holster and the other to the side. The MAX models don't use a holster so you can put a few guns in them, they just don't present the gun to you when opened. All are made from 7ga steel (3/16") with a mechanical lock.


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    Can't do much better than a Fort Knox. Fort Knox Pistol Box - FREE SHIPPING - Gun Safes America

    But before you buy anything, research videos on the internet of breaking into pistol safes. Some of the electronics ones are child's play to break in. And generally, price and security are directly proportional, i.e. you get what you pay for.
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    If it opens electronically and doesn't have a bypass key or other means of access when the electronic fail--and it will--pass on it. I asked a locksmith about digital combos once and he smiled and said, "They're good for business."
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    Quote Originally Posted by G17leb View Post
    Thank you. Looks like a decent set up!

    Ask yourself one thing: do you want a safe, or are you willing to accept a box with a lock on it?

    There's a difference.

    Depends entirely on what level of resistance to attempts to breach it or take it you want to thwart. The gauge of steel and the quality of locks used on these smaller, lighter units are generally of the sort that most any adult could get into one with 5mins of thinking and 1min of attempting. They aren't that tough to breach.

    IMO, you need to determine whether you want to withstand someone just kicking in the door and walking out with the thing, among other things. If so, then you need something heavier, made of stouter materials, ideally bolted to the house/foundation. Ideally, the safe should be something nobody knows about, which is simpler with a safe of the size that holds only 2-4 handguns.

    You might well have a roommate, too. Want to keep such a person out, someone who knows full well it's there and who might talk to others about its existence? Heaver, stouter ...

    If you're going to be at a place with a crawl space under the floor, you might mount it on the floor of your closet and bolt it to a steel backing plate on the underside of the flooring. Can make it much more difficult to just rip something off the bed frame or end table.

    My preference would be for something in the ~200-300lb range from, say, AMSEC or similar maker. One of the 1cu ft models of safe could do nicely for holding a few handguns, and it'd be stout enough to be a real problem for forced entry attempts. It could also be bolted to the foundation or through-bolted to the flooring and wall. Such holes are things you could fill in, when leaving the place. But it'd be far safer than a comparatively easily-breached unit as the quickie/vault type "safes".
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