Using a finger for a gun.

Using a finger for a gun.

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Thread: Using a finger for a gun.

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    Using a finger for a gun.

    The other day I posted a video of a woman convience store clerk being robbed by a bum that turned out to be using his finger in a coat pocket as a gun. Now the thought has crossed my mind when I see some ner-do-well pulling this trick, would I fall for it? If he has a gun, why wouldn't he show it? I know, who wants to be the one to find out it really is a gun, but wouldn't that thought cross your mind too? Would any of us be more likely to draw down on an unseen gun?

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    Circumstances would dictate exact conclusion, but unseen hands are dangerous with or without a threat. I know I'd move off line and back pronto, but his draw would be pretty slow probably out of a pocket, but I really don't have a hard and fast conclusion. A good reason to keep distance from bums and ner' do wells.
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    It is not so much the gun itself it is the words that probably go along with the pointing of the finger that would give enough cause to put a cap in the guy, something like "Give me your money or I'll kill you!!", many BG's try and get away with not using a weapong because the punishment is much greater if they get caught. Proving that you were in fear of your life doesn't require the BG to have a gun, but it does help.
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    The concern might well be - is that a snub in pocket? No need to draw, just fire.

    Circumstances for sure must alter events and if the threat is blatent - maybe by the BG saying he has a gun (regardless of actually having one), then I do think it is 'game on'.

    A BG would be being foolish to think somehow his threat was ''downgraded'' just because he knows he has no gun - we would not. It is as dangerous a ploy as the kid who pulls an airsoft IMO.
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    Gun in pocket?

    Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?

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    From another thread (

    18. Watch their hands. Hands kill; (In GOD we trust, everyone else, keep your hands where I can see them).
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    If force is being used to demand compliance and the threat clearly deadly, regardless if a weapon can actually be seen, it qualifies for use of lethal force in response, IMO. A BG trying an armed robbery by faking a gun with his hand is attempting the exact same crime as someone with an actual gun. It's the forcible compliance aspect that's identical, where a reasonable person would "read" the "gun" as real even though it's hidden, with an identical threat of deadly force component. Very little distinction between the two scenarios, to my way of thinking. So far as I can tell, the laws generally don't distinguish between them and call one merely play-acting. (Want to test the waters? Hand over Monopoly money and see how far the BG goes to clop you upside the head for the insult.)
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    The way I see it, it’s a 50/50 chance they really do have a gun.
    Some of the criminal element are smart enough not to show their gun thinking that if caught their charge would not include a gun specified add on; I.E. Armed, aggravated etc robbery. Plus a lot of states will add time just for the gun. It would be easier to deny the gun if it was never seen.
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    A 'Clearly' Delivered Threat...

    would be enough for me...

    There may come a time...where you have no time to think...

    Every scenario is going to be unique.

    If (as the police arrive) a person is laying on the ground near MY car with my wife and I both present (we're usually together), and the perp has a trench coat, hoodie, knife, gun?...I doubt I will have to worry explaining why I shot a Morman missionary. I'm not going to be explaining 'anything' anyway...not without an attorney present!

    This is a tough one to think real answer. Probably the best defense is being alert as avoid obviously dangerous situations...if possbile (i.e. gas stations and ATM's at night, etc.)


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    I'd definitely draw, since I'm not taking any chances. If the guy decides to fold and put both his empty hands in the air, so be it. Of course, if he removes a weapon, too bad for him.

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    Never bring a finger to a gunfight.
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    Pretty much if you're in fear of your life, you are justified to use deadly force. Of course you may have to prove your case in court.

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