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Thread: Dilema

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    I had been contemplating the Glock 30 for a July purchase. I have come across on the is barely used for $479(has magazines, box, paperwork etc.) This gunshop has a July 4th sale going and the have a Mossberg 9 round 590 shotgun for $349. I have nothing in 45 acp and had to sell my shotgun to cover some of my mother's medical bills. I have ammo for both(planned ahead for future purchases). I can only get one for now. What are your thoughts on the matter?
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    What's your firearm's intended primary purpose? Home defense = shotgun. Carry = G30.
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    hmmm, everyone should have a shotgun, but you'll get more use out of the pistol.
    I'd get the pistol.
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    I have a 30sf and very much like it.. Question do you have a carry gun? If not or no compacts maybe look at said glock if so get the shotgun...though 349 seems a bit high depwding on model...
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    Which to get will depend on your use for it and the need of one or the other.

    While you can carry a shotgun around, it is not advised.

    A handgun will see more use in many areas such as target shooting, concealed or open carry, home defense in small areas, rapid deployment.

    Also, a lot can depend on your financial situation. When dollars count, go with the lower priced gun, especially if it is just going to sit in the safe (closet) or elsewhere.
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    While both prices are fair neither is the "hock your jewelery" great. If you're tight right now it may be better to wait a bit and keep your coffers lined since there will very likely be another good deal on similar items in the near future.
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    My question would be do you already have a carry gun? If so go with the shotgun for home defense. If not go for the Glock for carry.
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    The base 590 has a retail of $553, around here the best I've found is $406 + tax. Sounds very good to me if new and not bad if used, I'd grab it.Used Glocks will show up again.
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