Please help me choose! Aargh!

Please help me choose! Aargh!

This is a discussion on Please help me choose! Aargh! within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I'm not the type that needs help making decisions, but this time I could use a little help!! Here's what I'm looking at: I want ...

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Thread: Please help me choose! Aargh!

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    Please help me choose! Aargh!

    I'm not the type that needs help making decisions, but this time I could use a little help!! Here's what I'm looking at: I want a 9mm that is accurate, reliable and comfortable... I have narrowed my search to the Glock 17 or the Glock 19. I know there is a size and capacity difference here, but both guns are equally comfortable to me. So, here's where I need a little help... From the standpoint of accessories, holsters, concealability, accuracy, are there any differences? I would REALLY appreciate any input!!

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    Have you shot both of them?
    Have you placed each of them in a concealed carry holster to see how they feel?

    I would think that should make your mind up.
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    G19 conceals better

    I have a G19 and have shot the G17. The main difference between them is length and height, the G19 having the shorter slide and grip. The width of the guns is the same, and the G17 magazine holds 17 rounds to the 15 rounds in the G19.

    The G19 is easier to conceal and a couple of ounces lighter in weight. There are lots of holsters and other accessories available for both guns, as they are both very popular. I would definitely go with the G19 for concealment purposes. The chances of your needing rounds number 17 and 18 in a gunfight are about 10 million to one, so the extra capacity of the G17 is a throwaway, in my opinion.

    This is my G19, which is a 10 year old second generation without grooves in the grip, and an aftermarket hard chrome finish on the slide.

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    You really can't go wrong with either one. I have both and I have a hard time deciding between them myself. The G-19 and G-17 fall into the Glock is a Glock is a Glock category. Some feel they can shoot the 19 more accurately, some the 17.

    The 19 is a little smaller, but not much, and may be slightly easier to conceal. The differences between these two are very small.

    Accessories, etc. as far as I can see are about equal. Whatever is available for one is available for the other as well and sometimes one fits both.

    Hmmm, that didn't help at all did it!

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    I just received my CCL license and bought a G19 two days ago. Had Tritium Night Sights installed at the gun shop (they're awesome) I shot the gun as soon as I got home and love it! I am using a strong side IWB holster and it's comfortable and easy to conceal.

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    For concealment & daily carry. The 19
    Absolutely EVERYTHING in the way of accessory & holster is available for that is pretty much a non~issue.
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    I'ld recomend trying both guns out. You'ld be surprised how "subjective" your question really is. Having said that, I'ld say the G-19, hands down. You can literally get the same holsters & accessories for each, but the 19's more concealable. I think the 17 shoots a little nicer, but not enough if it's going to be your CC gun.
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