I was in the gunshop recently. I found a replica of one of these things, made by Norinco I believe.

I fell in love. Well finished, lightweight and solid. I think it would make an excellent deer gun, expecially since there's a shallow groove in the receiver that seems to act as a rear sight. Hopefully it's on.

Now the questions: I believe the capacity is 4+1. I've got to reduce that to 2+1 for hunting in Indiana. How easily can I plug the magazine?

Are there any problems I should be aware of when buying one?

Is it possible to get one with a spurred hammer?

This thing would be an all around gun, possibly even replacing my combat shotty for light "patrol" duties. I've always loved lever actions but never could justify owning a rifle save for a .22. We just don't use them to hunt deer in Indiana.

I need to know the positives and negatives. I would be buying this instead of a 1911, and money is tight, so it's an either/or proposition. I have to make an informed decision as to whether it's worth it.


Josh <><