Criminal mind and guns

Criminal mind and guns

This is a discussion on Criminal mind and guns within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Many may not have read this article but I bring it to attention because it is IMO a very good synopsis/insight into the criminal mind ...

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Thread: Criminal mind and guns

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    Criminal mind and guns

    Many may not have read this article but I bring it to attention because it is IMO a very good synopsis/insight into the criminal mind regarding guns.

    I did post it way back but also just recently included it in a new web site of mine - GoBango. Much of that is a gallery of guns but also some RKBA material. Do take a peek if so inclined.

    The actual article is here - and is I think an eye-opener for some who have not been privy to this sorta insight - limited perhaps for most part to CO and LE folks.
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    Discussing criminals and their aptitude with guns is a hit or mis proposition.

    Ive heard them talking to each other about "AR-27's" and whatnot...knowing that theyre full of it.

    And then again Ive had discussions with criminals who knew to use lead bullets if they wanted to not leave a ballistics trail when the bullet hit a wall in a drive-by, and hollow points when they wanted to incapacitate someone. They know to use revolvers over autos in a drive by as not leave any casings, but to bring an auto to a gunfight for the capacity.

    Ive even had a 15yr old describe in better detail than Ive ever seen on any tutorial how he breaks down and cleans his weapons, including AR's and AK's.

    One thing they all agree on, shotguns are deadly, no matter who is holding them.

    The one thing to remember is that you never know when youre going to come across the stumbling idiot, or the street shooting veteran.

    All the more reason to train as much as possible, and never underestimate any threat.
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    I cannot begin to count the number of houses I've cleared looking for bg and saw the same paraphenalia that was in my home and that of friends. That included targets on display hung in windows. Actually had a few scoff at us f/carrying glocks.

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    Really interesting. Thanks for posting it.
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