G21 Kaboom Update

G21 Kaboom Update

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Thread: G21 Kaboom Update

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    Talking G21 Kaboom Update

    I got a call from the guys at Glock in Smyrna, GA yesterday, perfect timing, I had just gotten back from putting my paycheck in the bank. They are going to set me up with a new frame, and I should see it back in a couple of weeks.

    So that's when I braced for the price,


    I couldn't believe it, If that guy was here, I would have ripped his arm off putting a check in his hand. Gave them some cc info and now just have to wait.

    So now I just have to pay the local gunshop for shipping and I'll have my baby back.

    For all that's been said about Glock, I'd call that some darn good customer service.

    I didn't try to play that it was their fault, I told them up front that it was my mistake, even sent them the aftermarket barrel if they wanted to take notes for their records and any research into the Kaboom problems.

    Now I just have to decide if I want to grind the acc rail off to fit all my holsters, Cochise Defender IWB, shoulder holster, kydex padel, kydex IWB, I didn't realize I had that many. I'll wait and see how/if they do or don't fit.

    But for now,
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    That is impressive and gratifying too Mike.
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    Speaks very highly of their customer service. Congrats!!!

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    Glad it was so cheap. grind the rail off, ouch. glocks ain't pretty, but grinding the frame will look even worse.
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    Not to mention really hurting the resale value.

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    Glad you got off so cheap. I can't believe you got the whole lower end for that price. Just makes you want to buy another Glock with what you saved . Glag you are getting it back so soon.

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    I have three of them, and have yet to need their service (one of the many reasons I bought Glocks), but it glad to know they were upfront and inexpensive for the fix!

    Very nice! Congratulations!
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    glad it was so cheep

    course it should be i think they say the frame -minus the steel parts is .89 cents to make and takes just about that long to make 93 seconds

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    I have aways heard about how good Glock customer service is but so far I have never had to find out for myself as my Glocks have never had an issue. Well maybe one they do tend to have a large appetite for WWB.

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