Don't shoot warning shots!!

Don't shoot warning shots!!

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Thread: Don't shoot warning shots!!

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    Don't shoot warning shots!!

    In this situation no shots should have been fired at all. What do y'all think about all this:

    Allen S. Davis said the rifle he fired last summer to scare away teenagers outside his Worthington home was bought for protection from "miscreants" after police stopped patrolling a neighboring cemetery that was a popular hangout.

    Davis, who wounded a 17-year-old girl, purportedly made that statement and others in a document filed Thursday in Franklin County Common Pleas Court. His mother, Sondra Davis, gave a copy of the document to a Dispatch reporter yesterday.

    The five-page document, which is notarized and has the signature line of "Allen S. Davis, Defendant," contends to show "the historical roots of what happened on the night of Aug. 22, 2006."

    Davis, who has said he and his mother had suffered years of taunts and pranks from teens, is in jail on felonious assault charges. He is accused of wounding Rachel Barezinsky after seeing a car stop in front of his house and hearing the voices of girls he said were walking up the path to his home.

    "I fired three or four warning shots in the direction of the car," Davis is quoted in the document.

    He fired "three or four more" rifle shots when the car returned.

    "I didn’t know the car was only filled with five teenage girls — I was expecting the teenage boys from last Tuesday," he said.

    Mrs. Davis said Barezinsky "didn’t deserve" an apology from her or her son. Even if she had not harassed the family before, the Thomas Worthington High School student was with the girls that night taunting her with yells of "witch" and "hag," Sondra Davis said.

    Barezinsky’s mother, Amy, declined to comment yesterday. Her daughter, wounded in the head and shoulder, spent 13 weeks in the hospital.

    Davis’ public defender, Norman Anderson, could not be reached for comment.

    On Wednesday, Common Pleas Judge Julie M. Lynch prohibited Davis from receiving visitors or phone calls. His psychological evaluation has been delayed because of "interference by outside influences," the judge wrote.

    The judge did not identify the source of the influences.

    In the document, Davis, 40, and his mother began feeling "very insecure and unsafe in our home" after, they contend, Worthington police stopped patrolling the neighboring Walnut Grove Cemetery. They felt the police presence had kept their home free from "miscreants, juvenile or adult."

    That change prompted Davis to buy a .22-caliber rifle and a 20-gauge shotgun in 1994, according to the document. He used the gun to scare off attempted burglars in the following years, he said. The family did not report the incidents to police because "our family has distrusted them for the past 27 years."

    Juveniles would continue to squeal tires, honk horns and yell insults at the Davises on weekend nights, the document states.

    Worthington teens have called the Davis house, hidden in a tangle of trees, bushes and weeds, "haunted." Others said the Davises were "crazy people" and their home the "spooky house."

    In the weeks before the shooting, teens tried twice to break into the home, but "we drove them off," Davis says in the document.

    The night Barezinsky was wounded, "I had no intention of shooting any of them. My intention was to scare them off and warn them to never bother us again," the document quotes Davis.

    Police said the five girls in the car had gone to the cemetery for a night of "ghosting," basically, trying to scare each other. On a dare, three of them walked up the path toward the house.

    Barezinsky was hit while riding in the car when the girls circled the block and drove by the house a second time.

    Davis’ trial is set for April 16, pending the psychiatric evaluation.

    He wants to represent himself and opposes any attempt to enter an insanity defense on his behalf.
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    Rule # 2

    Never let the muzzle of a gun point at anything you do not want to destroy or kill.
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    I dont think his defense of "it was a warning shot" will stand. Although I disagree with warning shots very much, I think the whole idea of a warning shot is ruined when you shoot in the direction of the "warned". Call me crazy if you like, but it seems logical to me.
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    I hope this guy gets the max. In my experience, when the locals all have a certain person/family/etc. that is the town mockery, they have their reasons. I'm sure this guy was a genuine loony, if he's lucky he'll end up in a padded room.

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    Too many shots - wrong direction - bad results.

    I agree with SIXTO - he will not be treated lightly.
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    Back in the day, we used to call it "directed, deterent fire".

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    Its a shame that the teen aged girl got shot. the police should have been on top of this if they had been called. Teen agers can be very cruel to people like this and do not forsee the the outcome. Its a shame that the teenagers continue to harrass the mother after the son was arrested. where are the cop now.

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    There's no level of threat that justifies a warning shot. Either the employment of lethal force is justifed, or it isn't. Discharging a firearm is employing lethal force, so if shooting is justified, shoot the BG. If shooting isn't justified, don't reach for your gun.

    My 2 cents.

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    Lots of blame to go around for everyone:

    #1 Idiot with a gun
    #2 Failure of authorities to oversee said idiot with a gun
    #3 Failure of authorities to protect said idiot (even if he is an idiot)
    #4 Teenage idiots
    #5 Idiot with a gun (What he did was so stupid it bears repeating that he is an idiot).

    I know cops shouldn't be baby sitters, but sometimes baby sitting helps prevent things from escalating into real police work.

    My idealized view is all.

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    He said the family distrusted the Police for the past 27 years. Why?
    Distrust usually comes from Illeagal behavior. His actions indicate his lack of judgment and possible Paranoia. Then to be honest, my own Father was similar and we were ostracized because of his insanity and paranoia.

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    Something has bothered me about warning shots for while. Why do people shoot them in the air? Why not shoot them into the ground? At least then you know where the shot is going. If you shoot in the air, you have no idea where it is going to land.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Texas Yankee View Post
    Why not shoot them into the ground? At least then you know where the shot is going.
    Ricochets. There is no such thing as perfectly safe place to fire a bullet (even a well designed bullet trap can kick back a round once in a while). Anyplace that you could realistically fire a warning shot has the potential of injuring someone.

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    I agree with SIXTO!
    "Dont be afraid to go after what you want to do, and what you want to be. But don't be afraid to be willing to pay the price." - Lane Frost

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    I disagree with "warning shots" also. However, I find myself sometimes shooting in the ground next to me when the damn neighbor dog comes to the driveway gate and tries to pick fights with my dog. Or when the damn geese from my 4 house away neighbor come to my driveway and $!%& all over it (which happens a lot lately).
    I really can't see how a bullet can ricochet if it is fired in soft ground. I do however, fire it straight in the dirt, not at angles.
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    I don't disagree with warning shots. I disagree with warning shot placement.

    I always practice to make my warning shots hit COM.
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