Guns left out at night or when you're out

Guns left out at night or when you're out

This is a discussion on Guns left out at night or when you're out within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I have read several times on this board that people keep guns stashed here and there around their homes. Some have described well hidden spots, ...

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    Guns left out at night or when you're out

    I have read several times on this board that people keep guns stashed here and there around their homes. Some have described well hidden spots, and others have said the keep them behind the door.
    I happen to have more than a few guns, but truth be told I keep two out when I'm home, the rest are locked up. When I leave, I have whats on me, again, the rest are in the safes.
    For those who keep one behind the door, one in the plant and one in microwave, dont you worry that you may be arming or better equiping a BG to do battle with you? Example, you go to bed at night, you have your peashooter on the nightstand, but down stairs "hidden" you have an M4, an M1 and a couple of pistols.
    Personally, I cant sleep at night if I know I have left out a gun somewhere other than my peashooter and shotgun. Both are in the MBR with me.
    Any thoughts?
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    I agree, the only guns that are out at night are in the bedroom with me.

    Pistols and shotgun the stay in the MBR (shotgun in the closet) the rest of our guns are in the locker were they stay.

    I would not want some one to pick up the shotgun I have behind the couch and out gun me and my .357 with my own shotgun.
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    It's true that any guns not locked up do need to be out of sight - well outa sight. My wife's carry in her purse is tucked away when she has not got it on her - altho I am working all the time on her always keeping with her when out!

    That tho is in a far from obvious place - as is the one other house gun - a revo well concealed but fairly accessible. I do have a Mossy not too well hidden at times but that is never loaded - just has an ammo loop strap on the butt - arguably a PITA to load for us as well as anyone else!!

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    Good question and I too often wonder the same thing.
    But then there are stories of folks being surprised with attacks in their homes at all times and locations, inside and outside their residence.
    In MA where I currently reside they require all firearms _and_ ammo to be locked and properly stowed. One must otherwise keep a firearm on their person directly within their own control, e.g. in hand or holstered. That means no shotgun behind the door or nightstand guns either for reasons of safety (!).

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    I used to only keep out the gun on my hip. Until the catch the crew of house invaders around here, the mossy is concealed in the bedroom, and a Glock is stashed in the living room in case the wife needs access when I"m not home.

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    If it's not on me or in the MBR when the Wife and I are sleeping all firearms are locked in the safe.


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    My carry gun stays on the nightstand when it isn't on my person, and the Coachgun right next to the bed. One other firearm at college, stays with a bacle lock on it in a locked case put somewhere well out of sight, unless I am taking it to the range. When I go out (like to class), all of them get locked up in someway, and put in out of sight spots. If I go out for a night of fun and I know I will be drinking, all ammo is removed and placed in a seperate container with two locks. (yeah not the quickest or best, but If i am inebriated, I don't want loaded guns anywhere around me.)
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    My carry gun sleeps close to me. The other HD appliances are around the house, hidden in places where most sane people wouldn't look for them. If you walked in to my place, they are there but you have to look real hard to find them. Only myself and the ball and chain know exactly where to look. All the other non HD's are locked in one of the safes.
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    GunVault mini-safes.

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    I have three children and do not leave guns out in the open. I recently purchased a little honeywell safe (KCS-321512 9-/4"H x 13-3/4"W x 8-7/8"D)and mounted in my closet at eye level. I just bolted it to the studs with 1/2'' lag bolts.

    This is a cheap little safe with no fire protection, but it has a digital keypad, 1'' locking pins and it does not require a key to open. I had looked at the GunVault minisafes and I really like them. This one was cheaper bigger and does the job nicely. I have my .45, S&W642, GPS and some other sorted item locked up in there. Ammo goes on top and out of reach. The rest of the guns are locked up tight.

    The only thing I do not like about this safe is the beeping sound when the buttons are being pushed. It is really loud and coud alert a BG in the middle of the night. I need to pull the door apart and remove or muffle the speaker.
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    At night all my guns except my carry are locked in the safe. My carry is on the night stand. When there are grand kids in thehouse the carry is on my side and all the rest are in thr safe.

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    No kids at home anymore so I keep my gun on my hip or in nightstand when sleeping. I don't want to have to run to find a hidden gun if someone kicks a door in. I just have to reach down, draw, and shoot. No reason not to be armed even at home I feel.

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    We have two young grandchildren who live in our town and visit often. I have three guns, two of which are my carry guns which I alternate depending upon what I am wearing and where I am going. The third is my "house" gun, which is locked in a mini-safe during the day. It is right by my night stand and is open at night so that I have immediate access to it if ever needed. When not on me, the other two guns are always locked in another mini-safe. I don't care how much you educate kids about guns, kids are kids and, at times, even the very best of them, will do something foolish. the other danger is if they have a friend with them at my house. I realize that my guns are not as immediately available to me locked in the mini-safe, but that is the value judgment I have made. When we are out the carry gun not on me is locked in that mini-safe.


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    My "Hidden guns" are in cut out concealment books. Not readily observable, and the titles of the books are quite dry, nothing anyony would care to read. I sincerely doubt that they will be found. And only one of these is in the living room, a Beretta 92FS 9mm. I don't feel undergunned if someone finds it, as my bedroom gun is my XD 45that I keep on the nightstand when not on my hip. There is also a Glock 9mm in a similar cut out book in case my wife is in need, and I am out with the XD.

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    Mine are all within reach when I am sleeping. I also have early warning alarms (my bird dogs sleep in the house at night in the family room on their beds) so nothing is getting by them.

    When I am not home they are locked by cable or safe.

    Oh, and rememeber, never, ever spoil your bird dogs.
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