Cleaning Question

Cleaning Question

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    Question Cleaning Question

    Okay all got an honest question for all the more experienced members. I field strip and clean my Ruger after EVERY trip to the range, but now after 2000 or so rounds thru it I'm getting a bit concerned about the internals that dont get cleaned normally. Besided getting my 944 ultrasonically cleaned, is there something that ya'll do normally to the parts that you cant get too? Spray it down with something? Soak it in something?

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    I spray it well with CLP, let it sit a while, then hit it with degreaser and relube.

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    You can probably find a way to detail strip your 944 so that you can get to all of the small inside parts. A quick google search didn't yield me a howto on it, but you might be able to find the information on another forum or something.
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    I use the Gun Scrubber in a can, wear glasses because it really comes out with some pressure. It does a great job of cleaning places you can't get to. I usually then take my AC and blow it out real good. Spray some rem oil in and blow it out real good, apply CPL to any contact points or pivoting points, reassemble and I am good to go. Has worked for me for many, many years.
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    about once a year, I will take mine all the way down. The first time was not the easiest, and I was quite scared that I would not be able to get it back together correctly. After I was done, I decided it was easier than I thought it would be, though not "easy" by any stretch, but thats only for the guns I shoot a lot. I have a couple that I only shoot once in a while, and the only thing I do for them is my normal post range cleaning.

    If you have any kind of talent at smithing, then you could do it yourself. Just make sure you have the correct tools, and good schematic of your gun. If you don't feel comfortable doing that, then there are several options, such as having an actual smith do it for you. Most charge a resonable price for a complete stripping and cleaning. Some manufacturers will do it for a fee as well.
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