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Ballistics on a .44mag lever gun (hunting antelope)

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Thread: Ballistics on a .44mag lever gun (hunting antelope)

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    .44 is not enough gun.
    I've got a pretty good book on the subject of selecting a cartridge and load to do the job, entitled: "The Hunter's Guide To Ballistics," by Wayne van Zwoll. The first 75% of the book is devoted to discussion of loads and why one is preferable over another. The rest is a series of charts that identifies the speed, energy and trajectory of each load at 100, 200, 300 and 400yds. Useful book for determining what's going to work for you, given the shots you need to make.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kairo
    ...I don't know how well a .44mag would do for a long shot.
    Not well at all. I've got one. I would not even CONSIDER a shot beyond about 100 yards!

    Look at the ballistic trajectory on a really hot .44mag round. Even just at 150 yards the drop is going to be measured in FEET, not inches! Just no f-in' way.

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    A .44 will work just fine if you limit the range at which you shoot. I have shot dozens at 50 yards or less, some as close as 15 feet.

    You will have to hunt longer and harder, and be willing to get more than few cactus spines in your hide. You will miss out on a lot of shooting opportunities that would be easy with a more 'normal' rifle.

    If you are paying for a non-resident license, travel costs, etc. then you would probably be better served with a .243, 270, or 30/06 with a medium power scope. Even then, you should rarely take a shot beyond 300 yard because of the wind.

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