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Getting shot at. (Question)

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Thread: Getting shot at. (Question)

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    Ah yes, the sound of high power cometition. Loved hearing the .30 bullets snap overheead. Never had pistol bullets fired past me, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by randytulsa2 View Post
    When I was in the Marines we went to a strange rifle range where one group of us did the shooting and the rest of us did the target loading.

    We target loaders sat (well) underneath the targets (and the ground). This post has resurrected that memory, and IIRC, there was a distinct sound to the 5.56's going overhead.

    But for the life of me I can't remember what it was. I do remember huddling back as far as I could, down and far away from those targets we stuck up in the air. Sometimes little holes would appear in the appear in the paper. Sent chills down my spine.
    Been there. But maybe my memory is failing. I remeber the crack when the rounds hit the target for sure, but can't recall hearing the buzz?, sizzle?, whatever sound while pulling butts at PI.
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    You know the fireworks things, you lay them on the ground, light them, they would start to spin a zillion times a second, then run fast cause ya don't know which way they gonna go? The noise they made was a little lower pitched than the sounds I heard during Desert Storm as lead was being directed our way. as with rattlesnakes and pump shotguns, once you have heard them, you will never forget.
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    Zip with an echoe..

    Well let me share a little of my past...we had a retired MSGT that went in the 21 HQ building demanding to talk to the base commander by that time was Brigadier General the major that was the aid for the commander ask the gentleman what he wanted no questions pulled out a Hungarian 9mm and shot him in the head.. We got the call at the command post and went in 2 of us make story short 2nd floor from elevator and the stairs got him pinned down he emty all 4 mags that he was carrying on him between me and my friend in the other side and that noise will stay with you.....we had the same you guys know the 92 FS same call he was hit all 25 times and still alive(with all the PCP and other things on him)when the paramedics arrive...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bud White View Post
    Them are the ones your gonna feel

    Ok anyone know what a 40 sounds like?
    Sounds like a 45 - 5! Just a quess.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sky Pilot View Post
    Don't recall the sound of a passing round, other than a deer slug one time, it sounded like a freight train.
    A load of bird shot sounds the same, I suppose it the large flat front
    of a fast; but, subsonic mass that causes this sound.

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    My .40 has a louder buzz than your 9mm, lol!!!
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