Simple Gun Show Purchase Question (FL)

Simple Gun Show Purchase Question (FL)

This is a discussion on Simple Gun Show Purchase Question (FL) within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Simple question - is it legal for one private individual to buy a firearm from another private individual without records or transaction paperwork? How is, ...

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Thread: Simple Gun Show Purchase Question (FL)

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    Simple Gun Show Purchase Question (FL)

    Simple question - is it legal for one private individual to buy a firearm from another private individual without records or transaction paperwork? How is, or actually, is the change in ownership made "official" anywhere?

    We have a gunshow coming to my part of the state in a few weeks, and I'm looking to buy an AK of some sort if I see one for what I think a fair price is (say comparable to what I see on sites like AIM). One thing that's been suggested to me is to look for individuals bringing their guns in to try and sell to perhaps the dealers at the show. If a gun would cost $400 (for example) new, I think a dealer might give you something like $150 or so for a pretty good condition used one of that gun if you were to sell it to him. So, perhaps I see someone coming in to do that, and I offer him $225 for that same used gun.

    This is legal, isn't it? I own a copy of Gutmacher's Florida Firearms Law, and I don't see this explicitly mentioned in there or haven't found it. (All of the gunshow stuff I see in there concerns FFLs). If Joe Blow and I come to an agreement over the $ for the AK he's got with him, I could just pay him cash or check, and that'd be that, right? I'm thinking of bringing a couple of office store carbon-copy receipts with me just to have something in writing with the seller's signature to show that I really do own whatever it is. But, that's more of a sensible protection for me than I think it is a legal necessity. How does the seller know I'm legal to buy a firearm (does he have a way of knowing, or is he legally required to run a background check or something)?

    Can someone please explain to me the hows/whys of private individuals selling to one another at a show? I of course want to obey the law, but I don't know for sure how to determine the law in my case.

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    I suggest reading your states laws or asking the AG of the state as to the regs.
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    In Florida...

    One FL resident may buy/sell a firearm from another FL resident...both must be 21 y/o...

    Have a bill of sale with some sort of I.D. used...make copies...seller should have proof of sale (to who?) other paperwork needed...

    I have sold firearms to private individuals before...just got a copy of driver's lic. and date of sale...both signed...both got copies...

    If the buyer has a CCW, even better...but do have proof of your sale!

    Obviously, don't sell to a questionalble individual...

    P.M. me if you have additional questions...

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