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"Interesting" Convo (Whew!!!)

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Thread: "Interesting" Convo (Whew!!!)

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    Some open minded libearls heads are sure closed
    A real man loves his wife, and places his family as the most important thing in life. Nothing has brought me more peace and content in life than simply being a good husband and father.

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    Guns and nuptuals

    Limatunes, I can't believe you had guns at your reception. Everyone knows that there are times and places for guns. The reception isn't one of them. It's the father of the bride and a shotgun at the wedding ceremony. DUH!

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    I know who she's voting for... ain't gonna say it though...

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    Smooth23, lol.. there wasn't much "organizing" to be done. I said, "I want shooting at our reception."
    My Mom went, "WHAT?!?! Are you sure?"
    I said, "Yes. I want it to be a time we will never forget."
    My Mom said, "Okay, I'll tell your father."

    and that was it.. You see, we had the reception at my parents farm and behind the barn there is enough land and woods to make a good back stop and my dad has also made up a pretty good little range down there, so he just roped it off so people knew they shouldn't cross such and such a line, after that, it was, "Bring your own Gun."

    It was great.

    aepilotjim, My Dad did have a shotgun, just not at the ceremony. I guess we did do things a little backwards.. :)

    Let's see, my brother-in-law brought his guns (he carries in Georgia). My father-in-law (a retired police officer and member of the pistol team) brought a few of his. My Dad emptied his safe. My uncle brought some of his. Another Uncle brought his. We had a TON of guns there..lol.

    In fact, it was a good thing because our two families had never previously met before that day and we by-passed all that awkward "getting to know each other" crap on a shooting range. Our two families merged as if they'd known each other for decades.

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    I would say you went over and beyond what I would have done. Move my weapons out of my house so that an interloper would feel comfortable? No way! Something that you should consider is that if this unstable lady feels that strongly, she could invent some story and call the police. I don't know about the concealed carry laws in your state, but she could say you were brandishing. It's a shame that you have to lock your door too. However, Gunsafe + locked door=safe and sound. I think you kept your cool and deserve a new gun just to reward yourself!

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    I don't know how well a brandishing accusation would stick, considering it was his own dwelling, and you'd have an extra witness (roommate) to prove you didn't...
    Discretion is the better part of valour; and a virtue beyond reproach.
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    Sounds like you went out of your way to be accomodating to this lunatic. I'm impressed with your cool headedness (is that a word?). Anyway, you did well by not getting overly heated. You let her show what an idiot she was while you remained calm.

    I do have to agree with the laughing maniacally while dropping your HK from shoulder height. I'm sure the look on her face would have make a great youtube video.
    "Do not fear those who disagree with you; fear those that do and are too cowardly to admit it" - Napoleon

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    WOW, that was unbelievable. Not sure what I'd have done.

    EOD - Initial success or total failure

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    hot chicks (even married ones) with guns!! way cooler than crazy mammas without .

    and my luck physics ,engineering, be dashed ; wonder that pistola didn't start squirting rounds right in that holster from the "negative vibes , always with the negative vibes "


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    Quote Originally Posted by elance View Post
    hot chicks (even married ones) with guns!! way cooler than crazy mammas without .

    and my luck physics ,engineering, be dashed ; wonder that pistola didn't start squirting rounds right in that holster from the "negative vibes , always with the negative vibes "

    yeah i'm with you on that one.
    anyway you kept your cool proved she was nuts,
    now my ex inlaws were about as fruity, every time they came to visit i told my ex wife they had to stay at a hotel, which was fine with me because they said they didnt want to be around a murderer and person who premeditated murder by carrying my handguns and owning them. my ex would always stick up for me so we were good there. i had to call the cops and have them removed from my property one time, at my oldest sons birthday we were outside and we lived on a farm, her parents decided to start telling all my friends i was teaching my children to murder people and that i was gonna shoot everyone at the party cuz we were all at my range shooting our guns, and yes there is now a restraing order agaist them cuz after i had them removed by the police they threatend to kill me and take my kids. so i know how you must have felt.
    When the dust settles only the prepared will survive.


    remember the only thing common about common sense is that its not that common

    Shoot low boys their riding Shetland ponies.

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    Did you and your roommate have a serious talk about her mother? What conclusions did you come to? Did your roommate demand that her mother stay with BOTH of you? Do you feel that half the house/apt. belongs to you?

    "Emotionally unstable","total lack of respect for anyone else".......HUH ??????

    If you knew all this was coming it's akin to asking me to borrow a hammer,hit yourself in the head with it,then want me/someone to feel sorry for you?

    SORRY !

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    Just say "Yeah, right", take it from your holster, hold it out at arms length with muzzle awareness, and drop it.

    Of course then she would have flipped out even more (if that's even possible) and called the cops or something even less rational.

    But seriously, you handled it well. It's a hard choice between flexing your rights and avoiding conflicts like that...

    Spring Break Fallujah '06
    "Always Flexible"

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    RSSZ, typically I would be right there with you. However, I live in their house. I'm just renting a room for a hefty discount. As well, my roommate's mother scares her. To fully express everything she did and has done would take more time than I have. She pushes her daughter around and cries if she doesn't get her way. My roommate didn't even want her here.

    Trust me everyone, if I thought this was going to be a regular thing.... there is no way I would stand for it. Once a year visit would be enough for me to move out. However, my roommate is moving to Vance AFB in Oklahoma at the end of the month to be with her husband. I never have to see her mother again. And yes, I made it very clear to her on the phone last night that I won't tolerate her if she comes back for any reason - ever.

    The dynamic my roommate, her husband, and myself is different from the typical "I'm renting your room." We each look out of each other and are all close friends. Her husband and I have been friends for years and I was a groomsman at their wedding as well. For me to demand that her mother stay someplace else would have not only been extremely rude from a friend-to-friend standpoint, but my roommate had asked me to stick around while her mother was here for emotional support.

    But yeah.... I wouldn't worry about her calling the PD. She isn't smart enough. Even then the County Sheriff, local PD, and DPS would have all asked her the same thing: "What is he doing with the gun?" If she were to tell them I was waving it around and telling people I was going to kill people... I'd just call the PD myself and invite them to come out for a civil conversation from my end. My word, as a CWP holder, and my roommates against the word of a raving lunatic.... I don't think that'd be a problem. But I'm not taking my chances as I write this from a friends house.
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    Who is it that has as their sig "We should have a 'license to carry children' law?" Here's a perfect example of why he's right...
    A man fires a rifle for many years, and he goes to war. And afterward he turns the rifle in at the armory, and he believes he's finished with the rifle. But no matter what else he might do with his hands - love a woman, build a house, change his son's diaper - his hands remember the rifle.

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    As you said, she is unstable, and she demonstrated this to you. I wouldn't have even gotten into it with her, it's a no-win battle in this case. She's not rational so you will never convince her otherwise.

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