I converted someone, sort of.

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Thread: I converted someone, sort of.

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    I converted someone, sort of.

    I converted someone, sort of.

    I didn't convert an anti-gun person though. My wife's friends husband and I have gotten to know each other through the various time our wives have dragged us out together. We found common ground in guns, but that's it. Until recently I have had no desire to handload nor had I really thought about hunting. I alway sassumed I'd go hunting eventually, but my main focus has been self defense. All he ever wants to talk about id the new load he read about that is supposed to be more accurate than the last load he tried. The only handgun he owned was a 44 suber redhawk with a ~10" barrel and scope. He always said that any gun he couldn't get a tight group with at 100 yards wasn't worth having to him. When he saw my XD subcompact he could believe I got such a short barrel, same with my 4"GP100, he said I should have waited to find a 6". Hell I passed up 3 six inchers to find my four.

    Well in lue of the possible changes in gun laws in PA he decided to get the .45 he had planned to get in a few years. He originally wanted a 1911. Then he found an article about the XD45 Compacts with the 5" barrel. He called me up and asked "do you know anything about htese XDs?" To which I replied "I have been shooting my XD with you for 9 months. Hell you have shot it too" "Oh, is that what that was?"

    So he got his XD and we went to my range. He belongs to a Fisha and Game club with 300 yard rifle ranges. Th shortest distance they have is 25yds. I belong to a "Tactical Oriented" club. We were shooting the steel plate rack, and some silhouettes from a regular standing position about 10 yards or so away.

    While he was doing that I set up some home-made IPSC targets in the shoot house. I gave him some basic pointers as far as Pie-ing, using cover, how to identify a hostil target and doing a magazine change before the gun went dry. I only put up 4 targets and when he was done, he said "set it up differently I wanna go through it again!" He went through it again, and then set it up for me. I had him follow me through to show him some of my techniques. He is really excited about the upcoming action shoots and pin shoots we have at the club now. So I think I turned a die hard hunter, Mr "pin point accuracy is everything", into a combat shooter. It was a blast.

    Oh, and that 5" XD45 with the compact grip felt like Excalibur in my hand, now I want a five inch too.
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    It is always nice to convert someone so Good Job!

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    Sweet. Sounds good. Nothing like letting someone actually "do" it to get them turned.
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