CO Gun laws

CO Gun laws

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Thread: CO Gun laws

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    CO Gun laws

    If I was to establish a residence in CO, what guns can I own there? It might be a 50% residence in CO and 50% in CA or maybe full residence in CO (not sure about it yet as it is a dooooown the long road quetsion). Anyways, what toys can be had? Any full autos?

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    As long as you don't take up residence in the City & County of Denver (and possibly a couple of other municipalities), you can own just about anything you can afford...

    I've been to some kick-butt machine gun shoots in eastern Colorado, and you come away from there wanting a Class III license pretty badly...
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    On the full auto question its Yes you can , but the road to full auto ownership is a lot easyer in some countys than others . Sheriffs can and do stall thier part depending on thier attitude on the subject . In colorado there are basicly two classes of guns NFA and everything else lol. It should be noted that i do not accept Denver and a fiew others as being part of the united states much less this fine state LOL .
    If your serious on getting going you might call Dragon man and visit a bit on locals better suited for class 3 apps .
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    Check it out with your local Sherriff. Be nice!! Steve48

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