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Thread: Pure curiosity...lasers

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    When I bought my first laser I tried hard to hate it.
    I have to give the laser credit for increased hit probability in low light in certain scenarios.
    I can see some value in Tritium Night Sights as well as the laser. There is no reason why you have to use it in every shooting scenario & especially in daylight when it would slow things down.
    There is real advantage in low light in being able to place your front sight directly on your intended target.
    That is basically all the laser is.
    It is an extended front sight that reaches all the way out to lay on the target.
    It allows you to take your visual focus completely off your defensive firearm and instead put that needed focus on the threatening low light environment where it more difficult to sort things out anyway because your primary main sense of sight is (of course) crippled.
    Just my personal opinion on that.
    My spanky new Every Day Carry (which is still in the works) pending funds will have a laser and should I need it then it will be there and if I don't need it there will be no compromise in weapon reliability regardless. I think it's a worthwhile additional tool. Nothing more & nothing less.
    But, for folks with vision related problems I believe that it has a much greater practical advantage in helping the defensive shooter get back home in one piece.
    They are so reliable now and stay "dead on" zeroed with no real complicated or moving parts and the battery life is just "hours upon hours" of good usable life.
    If they aid a person with vision problems put a bullet where the red dot is and do it every time then that is of great self~defensive value. It will help that individual get good solid hits.
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    Nothing against them and can see where they would be a very handy item to have, possibly when you are clearing a room. I can even see using one on a regular basis if it were the grip type that automatically turns on when you grip the weapon. I can’t understand using the ones that you have to flip a switch to turn on. I would think that would be distracting.
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    they do take the focus off the weapon, and just leave it on the target...

    on the other hand, thats why i dont like it for semi-auto's, for me. i like watching the slide, sorta, trusting where the leads going, making sure my machine is working as intended.

    but on wheelie, i like the crimson traces, definitely. i mean, whats gonna go wrong with a smith and wesson? i can feel everything going on in the revolver, dont need to look at it, and the dot makes it much quicker in difference than the pistol.

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    I look at it this way. They are expensive but, not really.
    If you bought one for a popular Glock or Sig model etc., & paid full retail it's highly likely that you'll be able to resell it for $50 or $75 less than you paid for it.
    Either on Ebay, Gunbroker, GunsAmerica, or here (pick a place)
    So really your question should be is it something that is worth 50 or 75 $ for me to try out first hand...since that will be the actual true cost - should you not like it.
    Of course just my personal openguin on that.
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