A veritable plethora of Webley questions.

A veritable plethora of Webley questions.

This is a discussion on A veritable plethora of Webley questions. within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; On Tuesday I purchased a Webley-Scott WG Army Model. This being California I must wait 10 days before picking it up. It was originally sold ...

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Thread: A veritable plethora of Webley questions.

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    A veritable plethora of Webley questions.

    On Tuesday I purchased a Webley-Scott WG Army Model. This being California I must wait 10 days before picking it up.

    It was originally sold through or by John Rigby and Sons.

    Sometime later it was re calibered to .45 Colt. And who ever did that was not a steady hand with the punch as the characters making up ".45 Colt" are rather off-line from each other. Of course it may have been two different people.

    The bore is in excellent shape as is the forcing cone. The cylinder locks up tight when holding the trigger back and easing the hammer down, just as I've read they should.

    It has a 6 in barrel and target (or not the birdshead type at least) stocks but does not have an adjustable rear sight.

    Serial # is 12XXX but there is a four-digit number on the bottom of the trigger guard, 12XX.

    The gun shop guy who sold it knows the guy who consigned it and said that that fellow shot mild smokeless .45 Colt loads.

    With tax and transfer it was $660 OTD.

    Now the questions:

    1) If I choose to buy a barrel/cylinder group that is still .455 Webley is that an easy job of swapping out the parts?

    2)Would it have to be from that particular model or could I put, for example, a MK VI upper on there? I love .45 Colt but being able to shoot an old school Brit round would be cool.

    3) What, exactly was involved in changing calibers on these guns?

    4) Is there any way to know when this was done?

    5) Is it possible that the action for my gun considerably older than the barrel/cylinder group?

    6) Is there any evidence of target length and stocked guns going out with non-adjustable sights?

    7)How do I find out when the gun was made? Is there a reference for this?

    8)What is with that other number on the trigger guard?

    9)Am I okay with cowboy load levels in smokeless in this gun? Black powder would be fun though.

    10) Did I get a good deal?

    11) Will I be able to stop at just one Webley?

    12) What would be the correct rifle to pair up with this gun?

    13) What is the other kit I will need to go full "What ho, chap!"?

    Thank you,


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    Despite owning a MkVI I am not well up on Webleys actually. Mine was a sorta rebuild from matching parts and I cold re-blued it - so it is not perfect but OK and shootable. I load Fiocchi brass and use unsized 230 grain lead RN's - same as I'd use sized for .45acp.

    Not at all sure re getting it back to .455 .... and I forget what was done other than reaming perhaps to accomodate the 45LC round.

    IMO and others too IIRC, the guns are best left for .455 as they are not mega tough and certainly do not like real hot loads.

    I am wondering some web searching would be productive as I am sure some expert info is out there. I'll check a book or three later when time and post back if any interesting info is found.

    Chris - P95
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    Warren, I'm no expert but I would be looking for a Martini-Henry to go with the Webley. Or if finding ammo in .455 was enough for you, then a Martini-Enfield.

    Good luck, be safe, and enjoy the Webley!
    Sprinfield XD 4" .45 Compact
    Blackhawk SERPA

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    Danger they are addictive, send it to me so you will be safe!

    If you convert to .455 you can buy reloading dies from Lee for them $40, and you can either get the proper bullet mode from them or buy the 265gr bullets from someone that makes them (luckily the guy near my house sells them at $45 for 200, these are the proper bullets with the expanding base. Fiochi also makes a very nice cartridge in this calibre and Horndby sells brass.

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