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Pet names for your guns?

This is a discussion on Pet names for your guns? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by retsupt99 "Say hello to my little friend." Rings a bell... ret Last time I said that my wife just said she had ...

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Thread: Pet names for your guns?

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    "Say hello to my little friend." Rings a bell... ret

    Last time I said that my wife just said she had a headache.

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    I had named both of mine after X-GirlFriends, but it was pointed out that they'd both most likely wanted me dead, "My Bad", so I dropped the pet name thang. (also got the wife a might riled)

    I then tried just using numbers, but every time I referred to pulling number 1 or using number 2 everybody just looked disgusted. Pointing didn't work either, 1 is IWB front and 2 is SOB.

    I would call them my power-tools, but the wife just giggles and rolls her eyes. (Think I hear a muttered "in your dreams").
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    Quote Originally Posted by Redneck Repairs View Post
    No but then i dont name other power tools either , nor do i seem to name things that most males do , i must be lacking lol .

    Agreed +2
    Don't hit at all if it is honorably possible to avoid hitting; but never hit soft!

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    Well I'm not anthromorphizing any of my tools, guns or otherwise.
    I don't need a name for a drill other than drill, and my guns are either called exactly what the manufacturer named them or something simpler, like my Taurus 85 Ti is called snubbie.
    It's all about secrecy not some cute factor when we call my wife's guns by pet names.

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    My girlfriend calls her Bersa Thunder "Argi" because it's made in Argentina.

    I haven't really named any of mine but I guess I would call my Ruger P-95 Billy after the late Bill Ruger. My Super Redhawk .44mag would have to go by William.

    Like others have stated my guns are tools, but I have to admit I don't think of my guns the same way I think of my other tools. I have a hammer, drill, chainsaw, and a lawn mower. I don't enjoy using any of them. My guns I enjoy and do have a warm spot in my heart for them.
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    I can't pick up or put down my Colt Mustang without yelling, "MUSTANG SALLY!" so that's kind of became the Mustang's pet

    My stapler's name is Alvin and my lamp's name is E.T., my car's name is Pepe and his accomplice is named Red. So why not name my guns?

    Darn, now I have to think.
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    I have a rifle named Lizzie, a pistol named Bloody Mary, and a knife named Kate, all the rest are nameless at this rime. Oh I also have a truck named Luisa.

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    Not sure why I named my guns. I have never named any other property before. I guess my guns just seem special:

    Kimber 1911 – Kimberly
    S&S 620 – Magnolia
    S&W 640 – Maggie
    Taurus 85 – Bull
    M1 Garrand – Gen. Patton
    Yugoslavian Mauser – Shultz

    Haven’t thought of one for my AK-47 yet.
    fortiter in re, suaviter in modo (resolutely in action, gently in manner).

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    "My (Insert Gun make/model)"


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    Waaaaay back when I was a kid, I saw a John Wayne movie at the local theatre: Big Jake. The Wayne character named his stack barrel Derringer "Betsy."

    Years later when I purchased my very first ever M1911, I named her "Betsy." She's a 1911 Remington Rand made in 1943 and "modernized" over time. Served me well as the primary carry gun over many years. Later when I got married, I of course began training my lovely wife to be a tactical partner should the need ever present itself. We created an "immediate reaction" protocol in case one of us should ever be compromised just outside the door and forced into the home under duress. We decided in such a case, the party "under the gun" so to speak, would lightly call out:

    "Honey, I'm HOME! We have company. Get BETSY and come say HELLO!" Of course, to an intruder it would seem as if I was inviting helpless wife and daughter to their doom. Or "quavering hubby" (God forbid) depending on the situation.

    However it then behooves the "party under the gun" to take any necessary measures to immediately drop to the floor as the other half is going to acquire a target and shoot from cover. That's the only gun I named.
    Former Army Infantry Captain; 28 yrs as an NRA Certified Instructor; NRA Patron Life; Avid practitioner of the martial art: KLIK-PAO.

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    Gun named Big Bertha

    In 1900 Alfred Krupp's armaments factory at Essen, Germany, began building a 350-mm howitzer that could fire an 800 lb shell over 10,000 yards. In 1908 the German Army asked Gustav Krupp to build an improved version of this gun with the capability of destroying the heaviest fortification.

    By 1912 Krupp had produced a 420mm weapon that fired a 2,100 lb shell over 16,000 yards. As it weighed 175 tons, it was designed to be transported in five sections by rail and assembled at the firing site. This concerned the German Army and they asked for it to be adapted to be moved by road. By 1914 company had produced a mobile howitzer called Big Bertha (named after Gustav Krupp's wife). This 43 ton howitzer could fire a 2,200 lb shell over 9 miles. Transported by Daimler-Benz tractors, it took its 200-man crew, over six hours to re-assemble it on the site.

    On the outbreak of the First World War, two Big Berthas and several Skoda 30.5 howitzers were erected outside the fortress of Liege in Belgium. The first shells were fired on 12th August at the ring of 12 forts around the city. By the 15th August all the forts had either been destroyed or had surrendered. News of the success of this new weapon at Liege encouraged other countries involved in the conflict to produce large mobile guns.

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    my p-32 is called little bit. Cause ill tel the bg this will only hurt a little bit LOL

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    The nicknames help with keeping a list at a secure location off site just incase someone happens by my list they just have names and numbers but have no clue what it refers to.
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    They are left in full possession of them."

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    I personally have never given my firearms names. If I called them anything short of their make or manufacturer, it would definitely have been POS as mentioned in previous posts, for the same reasons.

    The only name ever placed on one of my guns was the first 1911 I purchased. My friend was a dedicated Glock fan at the time and referred to my 1911 as Cletus. Not sure where he got that from, but when we would go shooting, he'd always ask me to bring Cletus along.

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