How do you protect your toys?

How do you protect your toys?

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Thread: How do you protect your toys?

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    How do you protect your toys?

    Another thread made me think of this, and I think I have a pretty good system worked out, so I thought I'd share;
    How I protect my investments.... I have pictures of all of my guns, as well as other valueables on a CD. Along with that, serial numbers with a description are noted in a binder, along with the proof of purchase. I have at least two copies of those items. I keep one at my house, and the other copy is at a life long friends house in another state. I have the same of his.
    That way if my house ever burns down, a tornado ever destroys everything or God himself erases me from the planet, I have proof of what I had for the insurance company, or my wife knows what I have in the safe ands its approximate value so she doesnt get ripped off in the case that I'm dead. She also knows what to save for my kids and what to sell to pay for my pyramid and golden tomb.
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    I have 30 or 40 guns that you would consider perminant stock , some are stored off site , but my serial no scheme is similar to yours other than one is here and one is in the safe deposit box . My main worry where i live is fire , theft really isnt a worry to me for a variety of reasons .
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    The important stuff I have stashed behind lock and key as it were w/ sn written down and in two separate secure locations. I'm not to worried about anything that isn't a tool turning up missing. The bad guys can have my Gone with the Wind Decantors.
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    Two Copies Of Paperwork...Good Idea!

    I keep my 'tools' in two safes...I have the paper work in another place, but I like the idea of a second copy is something I should do...if someone has any 'tuits' (the round ones), please send my one...I gotta' get this done!

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    I do the same thing. Photos, a one-page description, proof of purchase/ownership, plus a digital scan of everything stored on a disk and placed (with the printouts) in the safe deposit box. Makes a lot of sense.
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    I've got pictures, numbers, and descriptions set up in a web page format (html) on my computer at home, a CD in my desk at work, and on my work computer. I've also tried to include when and where I purchased each item in the descriptions.

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    Yep - pretty similar.

    I inventoried on digital text file and that is also hard copy. That includes also valuations for each gun based on an assessed fair price for selling.

    Many folks have seen some of my gun pics and I have another set of those, with each one including the appropriate serial number.

    All this is on CD and stored in safe but now I think on it - time I redid that and made a spare copy too - make sure it is up to date.
    She also knows what to save for my kids and what to sell to pay for my pyramid and golden tomb.
    Haha - you too! Liquidation of some stuff will pay to get me put away in my pyramid ..... my son has first dibs on some items and beyond that .... my wife can do as she pleases re keep or sell.

    Glad you posted this - really must check thru to ensure up to date properly.
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    List of guns, serial numbers and photos stored on disc in our safety deposit box downtown, and sent via email to my self and wife .

    Updated as necessary.

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    See what kind of coverage you can get on your homeowner's policy. If it is insufficient you can get "scheduled" coverage for your collection, and the cost can be rolled into your premium. Also, scheduled items usually have no deductible.

    Usually when you have scheduled coverage the insurance company asks for an itemized list with approximate replacement costs. Serial numbers are usually optional.
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    I keep a looseleaf binder with photos, S/Ns, a complete description- and for my memory, the entire known history of that firearm. As an additional safety measure, I place my business card with current information INSIDE the grips of the revolvers, and INSIDE the stock of the shotguns and rifles. (Cannot do this on the bottomfeeders). If ever stolen, the LEO will know where to look for the info.

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    Thanks for the hints...............!!
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    I also have pics and descriptions of valuables.

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    I keep them locked up in the safe. As far as insurance and theft security, I, too, also have all paperwork, serial numbers, descriptions, receipts, pictues, and the like in both paper and electronic (DVD) forms stored in two locations. I have one set stored in a separated safe and another set at the office.

    Not sure if anyone else does this, but I have the electronic files also securely saved on the internet. This makes them accessible to me anywhere, anytime, as long as I have an internet connection available.

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    Very similar set up. In fact I have a couple of aquisitions that I must update my files with and re-distribute.
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    To protect my toys: firearms, wifes jewelry, etc.. I keep them in a safe. To protect me I have a list of guns with ser# and such, I also had to get a rider on my insurance to make sure I don't get $50 per gun if god forbids something does happen. Life would suck with out my toys .

    I never thought about the pics on a CD. I'll have to do that, thanks.
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