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Are you a left or right handed?

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Thread: Are you a left or right handed?

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    VIP Member Array raevan's Avatar
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    I am Ambi, I grew up doing all things with which ever hand I started with, I would shoot rifles either way, I also shot the bow right and left. I have 2 single actions and I shoot one with left and one with right, one at a time mostly. I grew up being amazed at people who had to change hands to do anything.

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    I write, brush my teeth, and eat left handed, but throw, bat, and shoot rifle and pistol right handed. I recently fired my new SigPro2022 9mm left handed, and did very well. I have developed cataracts in my right (dominant) eye, and it is no longer correctable to 20/20. Training with my left may be prudent until I can get the cataract removed.
    It's pretty cool being able to use both!
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    The rules of cover require shooting around both sides without exposing. The BUG should be an ambi type. The primary should be accessible to both hands. There are techniques for reloading and racking the slide one handed...with either hand. When using the non-dominant eye, sometimes the master eye must be closed. So much to little time.
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    I voted right handed for pistols, bows, hand-writing, etc but...

    Long-gun? Call me south paw.

    I think it mostly has to do with playing the trombone for so long... Left hand by cheek, right hand extended.
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    32% left or ambi...

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    Cross dominance

    I'm cross-dominant: right hand, left eye, and it's a real problem. I think the extent of the problem for any individual depends upon exactly how dominant the dominant eye really is. In my case, it must be something like 99% left/1% right. I cannot focus my right eye on a sight, or through a microscope or telescope or anything whatsoever.

    But I don't trust myself to use my left hand as the first line of defense in an emergency self-defense situation. I actually shoot pretty well left handed -- at the range, that is. I earned two varsity letters in archery in college, shooting left-handed. But, I don't think I could present from the holster and handle the firearm as safely and as quickly from the left side. And I can't hold a firearm as firmly with my weaker left hand. I practice, but it will never be the same.

    So, I made the decision to use a snubby revolver as my carry gun. I know I might have to shoot from either hand, and this way, I'm not risking a jam if I shoot lefty and my weaker left wrist breaks. I feel safer knowing that that just won't happen.

    Long guns I shoot lefty. Same with the bow when I get a chance these days. (I sure hope I'm never in a self-defense situation with a bow, though!)

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    Very right handed.
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    I'm a righty and proud of it.
    Have Fun and Shoot Straight !!

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    "Righty tighty - lefty loosey"

    Oh wait - that's not shooting
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    I'm left-handed. Revolvers are good for lefties, except they are awkward to reload quickly. However, I would not want a mirror-image revolver made for left-handed shooters because it would create problems when using the more common 'normal' revolver.

    I love pistols with ambidextrous safeties. Many pistols produced now come this way. In the '60s, my only option was to install an aftermarket ambi on a 1911. Now aftermarket ambi safeties are much more available, some even made by the pistol manufacturer.

    If there is no way to buy the gun you want with an ambi safety and you can't find one to install, you can still use that gun. If it is a SA, you can carry with the hammer down, but that requires cocking the pistol to make it fire. SA/DA are good, because you can use the long DA pull for first shot, and have SA follow-ups, same as the right handed shooter. You have to use your other hand to operate the safety, or carefully uncock. A DOA pistol is equally good left or right hand. Standard slide lock and mag release controls are IMHO very handy for a lefty.
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    Ambi, I can use both fairly equally. However, I prefer the left.
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    I'm right eye dominant, but my right eye is nearsighted. I'm right handed, but I write with my left hand. Early in life my brothers noticed how stupid I looked trying to shoot my BB gun with the stock in my right shoulder but using my left eye to aim. It hurt my neck too. Thats when I started shooting a rifle left handed. But I was so used to shooting pistols right handed - from playing right handed - that I just stuck with it. It makes for some speedy transition drills, and makes speed reloads with my Benelli a lot faster. The only downside is with an AR-15/M16 my magazine changes are a little bit slower since I can't use my index finger to release the magazine. Positives are when I switch my handgun to my "weak" hand I shoot just dandy, although it is a little unnatural feeling.

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    I'm a lefty but I am right eye dominant so I shoot righthanded. Funny thing, when I was a kid my Dad forgot I was left handed when he taught me how to bat so I batted right handed in baseball. I did learn how to switch hit later but I was always a better batter right handed.
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    I write left-handed, box right-handed. Bowl righty, bat lefty, throw lefty, play ping-pong left-handed but tennis right-handed.

    Don't have a dominant eye -- or rather, my eye dominance changes during the day on a completely unpredictable and random basis.

    As a kid playing kickball, I was utterly shocked the day I realized that all the other kids knew which foot they were going to kick the ball with when they went running up to the plate. (Is it surprising that my childhood nickname was Grace?? My parents were soooo sarcastic ...)

    When I started shooting, it seemed more natural to begin as a righty, so that's how I began.

    Moving into advanced techniques, I found that sometimes it made more sense to be a lefty. Shooting around left-side cover, for example, I always just go lefty & switch eyes.

    After awhile, it seemed good to learn to shoot with my left hand too, just in case my lifelong clumsiness caught up with me and broke my right wrist or something. So I learned to shoot lefty.

    I'm still a little faster right handed than left handed, but am equally accurate with either hand. Habitually carry as a righty, however. No big deal to find left-handed holsters, but I like the gun being toward the center of the car when I am driving rather than against the door, and I think it's a tiny bit easier to get to as well.

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    Columbia, SC
    I'm left handed for most things (like writing), but I'm right eye dominant and I shoot right handed. I started shooting righty before I knew about eye dominance, it just seemed more natural that way.

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