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Springfield EMP

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Thread: Springfield EMP

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    Talking Springfield EMP

    I just picked up a pre-owned EMP with 5 mags from a local officer who bought it to qualify with and decided he wanted a 5" 1911. I wanted to really run it thru some different ammo to see if it had any issues. Took her down to the local range along with a couple boxes of Winchester W/B, 50 rds of Sellier & Bellot, a couple boxes of Golden Sabre, a box of Speer Gold-Dot, a box of Federal Hydra-Shok, A partial box of Triton Quik-Shok Hollow Points and even some CCI Blazer ammo. Total rounds fired 512. All without one hiccup.
    This baby shoots dead on point of aim @6 Oclock and it just feels good in your hand (like it's an extension of yourself.) The range officer came over to see what I was shooting and was very impressed with the one ragged hole I was getting with this little gem. I can't remember the last time I was this impressed by a new gun. It fits perfectly in my 2 Kahr K9 holsters I have. Springfield really got this one right in my opinion. This is my new carry gun and she's a keeper. If you are thinking of getting one, DO IT!
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    Looks like you picked up a beauty. Congratulations!!!
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    Congrats..................can I ASK WHAT WAS THE DAMAGE>????Price
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    on the new 'addition' to the family...

    Nice looking piece...as asked above...the two damage prices(?)...the price you paid and the price the you told the 'treasurer'...LOL!

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    the price you paid and the price the you told the 'treasurer'...LOL!
    Truer words were never spoke. Shhhh, she might be listening...
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    Congrats. That's a good looking firearm. Enjoy it.

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    The appeal of baby 1911s

    That is a nice looking gun, and I am impressed with your description of how well it shoots. I have been fascinated by the 3 inch 1911s myself for quite a while.

    I believe the first one I saw was maybe 10 years ago at a gun show, where a dealer had a Kimber Ultra on display and I got to handle it. I had seen Colt Officer's models, but this gun was shorter in the barrel by 1/2 inch - 3 inches for the Kimber vs. 3.5 inches for the Colt. I knew that the velocity of .45 ammo would be reduced somewhat from that short barrel, but the concealability of the gun was exceptional. When you combine the natural thin slide of a 1911 with a short barrel and grip, the gun is close to being a pocket gun, except for its weight.

    One small drawback would be the thickness of the grips, which can be significant on a 1911 with the standard "thick" grip panels. But with the availability of "thin" grip panels on the market, you can reduce the grip width on a 1911 down to just over 1.0 inches, making it quite concealable in that respect.

    I finally bought one of these baby 1911s myself last year - a Colt Defender. After a few small modifications I have been quite happy with it, and it runs perfectly and conceals easily.

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    Congrats! The EMP caught my fancy until I laid hands on a Para Ordnance Slim Hawg, which is currently my EDC. That isn't to say I'll one day add an EMP to the collection. Happy to hear it treats you well.

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    Good review. thanks for the info. enjoy your new gun.
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    Wow I want one!!!!
    Have Fun and Shoot Straight !!

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    Yet another great report on the EMP. Just more than I'm willing to pay for the gun. Maybe I'll find a nice used EMP at some point.
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