Range report from a new guy (long)

Range report from a new guy (long)

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Thread: Range report from a new guy (long)

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    Range report from a new guy (long)

    This is a first attempt at a range report from a relatively new shooter.

    This report is as much for me as it is for the rest of the readers. I hope that new shooters learn as much as I did.

    A little background – I have had a Glock 26 for about 9 years and shoot it fairly regularly. At least 5000 rounds in that time. This year I went on a buying bender and have purchased a Kahr P-9, Springfield XD-40 5 inch, a Browning Buckmark, a Ruger 10-22, and a Savage 110 in .223. I have now shot at least 3000 pistol, 3000 rimfire, and 500 .223 in the last year. (this is an expensive habit…)

    Yesterday I walked into the gun store and saw a Taurus 1911 on the shelf. I did not walk in looking to buy a gun that day, but I have been kicking around the idea of a 1911. I have read that they are a great buy for the money and thought that when I jumped into 1911s, Taurus would be the way to go. There are 7 people on the waiting list at different store in town here, so I walked out with the 1911 ($560) and 200 rounds of assorted ammo.

    After takedown, familiarization, cleaning, and lube last night, I took it to the range today. This is where the learning started…

    I loaded up the first mag, tried to slam it home, and no workie??? I must not have seated the top round all the way to the rear of the mag because it jammed in the well at the bottom of the feed ramp and depressed further down into the magazine. It was jammed hard enough that I couldn’t pull it from the bottom. So I pry it back into the mag enough to get it seated right and pull the mag out. Good. First lesson learned, and I’m not going to do that again! I pick up the loaded magazine, ensure the rounds are all the way back and jam it home.

    YOUCH!!!! I’ve managed to lock the magazine in with the meaty part of my left palm pinched between the floor plate and the bottom of the grip. Curse, cuss, swear, steam!!! I drop the magazine, eject the live round, and suck on my by bleeding booboo for a minute. Great. Second lesson learned, and I’ll definitely never do that again!

    Finally after two failures (read as operator errors), I start to get bullets to come out of the front of the thing.

    First impressions from a new guy to 1911s – I’m hooked! It feels great, points natural, recoil is very manageable, and I put one ragged hole in my 4 inch target at 7 yards with the first box of CCI ammo.

    Feeling good about myself for the first time today, I switch targets, reload and start plugging away with my second box of CCI. Now things start going downhill again. What am I doing wrong now? Same gun, same distance, same ammo, but my rounds are all over the place!!! Beside myself, I take a deep breath, look over the gun and decide to take a break.

    As I set the 1911 down I watch the rear site practically fall off the gun. Curse, cuss, swear, steam again!!! During my function checks the night before, I failed to check the screws on the sights. Good thing they include a wrench. Hooray!!! Lesson number three! Not only will I not do that again, but I am going to Locktite all my other guns.

    So, after a good day of learning, and a great day of shooting here is what I think.

    1. 45 ACP scared me at first, but the weight of the gun kept felt recoil manageable and comfortable. It felt like no more recoil than the XD-40 to me. Heavier, but less snappy.
    2. I like the Heinie (i dot) style sights on the Taurus 1911 and the Kahr P-9 a little better than the Glock (U dot) and a lot better than the 3 dot on the XD.
    3. The gun functioned 100% over 200 rounds of CCI, Win, and Federal. (when I didn’t try to feed it crooked bullets or my raw flesh)
    4. The serrations on the grip panels and front and back (straps?) is aggressive, but not uncomfortable. It helped very much in keeping control and I never had to adjust my grip.
    5. I’ve definitely caught the 1911 bug.
    6. Last but not least, best lessons are the ones learned the hard way.


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    Great report and some ideals for ya

    Slam pads are your friends read no flesh removed when seating mags

    Not sure if Taurus does it or not but some 1911 makers leave the rear sight loose so you can sight the gun in for you off top of my head i can only remember ed brown doing that

    I like the look of the straight 8 heines but never have used them glad ya like um

    The 1911 is one of the most customizable guns out there want a long med or short trigger no problem

    arched mainspring housing instead of flat no problem grips the world is yours

    One thing don't Skimp on mags not sure what they sent with it but right now you best luck is being had with wilson 47d's and CMC powermags

    Metalforms are having some problems every new one i got with my colts last year wont run

    Cheakmate seems to be coming along

    More people have more problems with crappie mags than anyother problem with the 1911

    Read up at the 1911 forums also you can never learn enough

    Any questions ask away or pm me

    Also Mobile one oil works really good on 1911's

    And your hooked now it only gets more expensive from here sure ya say ill only buy 1-2 then it turns into well over 10 and ya go jezz i thought it was only 5 i had

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    I think I welcomed you in the new member's place very recently - in case not .

    Bud is a 1911 man and so no point in adding much to the useful things he has covered. The ''1911 bug'' is by all accounts incurable so - you gotta live with it LOL.
    Chris - P95
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    Thanks for the range report.
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    Also blue loctite nothing else and be careful how much you use on the pt 1911 im not sure how there firing pin block works if its colt style or kimber style if kimber ya get to much on the rear sight and it leaks into the firing pin block which is a bad thing

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    Nice report . keep yer hand outta the mag well.
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    Update -
    Another 200 rounds today of mixed low cost (dirty) ammo today.

    I had some less painful lessons today.

    1. The POI for me is about 2 inches low at 7 yards. There is no elevation adjustment on the Heinie sights the PT 1911 came with. But since that 2 inches low is one ragged hole, I'll live with it.

    2. My hand position on the grips may have to change. My right thumb ends up on top of the screw for the left grip pannel. I end up with a hex head screw print on the inside of the thumb knuckle. The inside of the screw hole is also a little sharp. Maybe if I smooth the edge of the hole, it will be a good refrence point to keep a consistant grip.

    3. I had my first failure today in 400 rounds. The last round in the mag didn't fully eject. It ended up sitting on top of the mag follower facing backwards with the slide locked back. It wasn't really a stove pipe, but I'm sure it would have been if there was another round.

    4. Reassembly is still a little tricky for me. It takes a few tries and a sore thumb to get the bushing to lock down.

    Second impressions from a 1911 new guy- I still love it. All I could think about yesterday was going out to the range today. Unfortunately, it will be on the shelf for a while. I leave for TDY Sunday and won't be back till June. That's alot of daydreaming about the range...


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