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Thread: Guns You Wish You Had Bought

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    Talking Guns You Wish You Had Bought

    OK I keep reading the "Guns you should have kept" on almost every forum I check in on so....How about A Gun (s) You Wish You Had Bought.

    Back when I was 18 I purchased my first riffle at 21 my first hand gun, now at 55 I wish I had bought more. I am one of the lucky ones that has held onto every gun I have ever owned, and their are still more I plan on buying.

    But then then there are the ones I wish I had bought and in the interim, price doubled, gun is no longer available, man was that cheap, you all know the stories so what gun, and the story behind your wish I had bought it gun. This ought to be a fun!!
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    Theres a lot of um but at the time i wasnt old enough to buy

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    Back around 95 i think it was ,i had a chance to buy a SteyrAUG in
    223 for 500.00 cash, Sure wish i had even if it was a semi auto.
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    A good friend wanted to sell me his Springfield 1911 for $350 back around 1994. Kinda wished I'd picked it up.
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    My biggest regret is a used 6 inch stainless Python that was never actually fired. For $495. I went home and thought about it and went back the next day after work and it was gone. Would have been around '95.

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    IMI "timberwolf" 38/357 pump carbine. Nothing pretty but fun, should have got one and now they are all long gone

    Singer 1911, without a mag, offered to me for $300. I told the fellow what he had.... (I hope that helps me get into heaven!!)

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    M1 grand from my fathers friend when I was 18
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    I remember back in the early and mid 80's when a Colt AR was in the $400 range and M16's were double that. I was wishing that I could afford one then, I still wish I could afford one...

    I wish I had bought a couple of machine guns.

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    An officer I worked with offered to build me an AR-15 on an Olympic Arms lower for $350...and I turned him down - thought it was too much!

    I also could have bought an Hk 91 for about $500, but it had a full stock instead of a collapseable one, and I thought it was ugly - so I turned it down too!


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    I seems like everytime I go to the gun shop I leave wishing I had bought a gun.
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    of some of my present guns...

    My biggest regrets, as with many, are the ones I've sold...not all...but many...should have kept them all...

    I still want a Wilson or Baer...

    Stay armed...stay safe!

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    AK47 for $150 before assault weapons ban. M1 carbine with folding stock $200 about 1989.

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    Wish I'd bought the SP-89 for 1k a couple years back. I thought it was too much at the time :(
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    A Colt Mustang .380 that I had just pulled for inventory at the pawn shop. I showed it to an enthusiast friend of mine before I had even put it down. He immediately put it on layaway and was back in about 45 minutes with a buyers permit.

    Sometimes I just can't keep my big mouth shut.
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    I'm 21 so any gun I have wanted has been expensive since I could buy them. I will say that I wish I hadn't bought a few so that I could already have the ones I really want.

    I shouldn't have bought: Kahr PM40, Kahr K40 Covert, Glock 26. With all the money invested in those I could buy the Rohrbaugh that I have been lusting after. I also want an M1 Garand, preferably an International Harvester but a Springfield would be just fine too. Also want some more Sigs (220 Carry DAK and a 245) and an AR.
    Yeah I like Glocks, wanna fight about it!

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