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Another of my half-baked ideas...Legal Defense Fund?

This is a discussion on Another of my half-baked ideas...Legal Defense Fund? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I think this is an idea that has potential but with concerns. First, regarding the NRA, how would anyone know you were in the right ...

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Thread: Another of my half-baked ideas...Legal Defense Fund?

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    I think this is an idea that has potential but with concerns.

    First, regarding the NRA, how would anyone know you were in the right until after the trial and verdict?

    Next, the NRA "reimbursement"! this means that we still have to pay up front all legal expenses then IF you are found to be innocent at that point some time you will get your money back or a portion of it from the NRA but not before if it all worked out.

    This could be set up to coincide with the NRA insurance program and be a requirement in order to participate in the fund where this fund would pay for your legal fee's up front and after you are found innocent the CC fund is paid back with the NRA reimbursement money if they even reimburse you back.

    Without the NRA protection then the fund could be depleted and we will have to start all over by donating to the fund all over again. The member who used it may or may not continue to be apart of the fund thus losing a fund contributor.

    I would think that the better route would be to contribute an allotted amount of money per month from the funds members, so instead of just a one time $20.00 fund payment we would make say $10.00 monthly payments to the fund, $120.00 per year or something similar but with a minimum membership number to even consider having the fund.

    I believe that you would need at minimum 300 contributing members to even come close to what a defense would cost. A well known CCW lawyer here in Missouri say's that a defense is about $15,000 per shot to start out with, so two shot's and you are in the $30 plus thousand dollar range from the start.

    That alone could ruin a person, especially if you happen to lose your job do to the shooting or you have trouble keeping your business going due to being in jail or spending to much time/money fighting the case.

    Point is, for this fund to even be a worth while investment of time and money it would need at minimum 300 members willing to pony up $120.00 per year $10.00 monthly, then there would be the matter of a board of directors, voting for those directors, etc, etc.

    Build the fund and commit to it for the next 3-5 years having a total member investment of $360 each over 3 years or $600 each over 5 years what ever would be decided and at that point let the investment ride and draw interest until someone needs it and/or drop the cost's way down to at least pay for the funds expenses.

    The fund would have to pay for several things like just having it in place, a company or an estate company, etc, running this for the group, possibly paying taxes on the interest unless we would be able to pull off a NFP fund and I am unsure if we could gain interest, quarterly mailings to all members for current fund updates as to how much is in the fund, what interest has been made, what taxes were paid (yearly), all expenses going out included in the letter and so on.

    A couple grand in a fund will not make a difference when in a court battle, this would have to be a large fund that could also help multiple members if God forbid multiple members were forced to defend themselves in any given year. Just supporting 1 member and it's over is not enough.

    Those same two members in this example would turn out with one having the fund to support his or her defense and the other losing out but yet is a contributing member vested in the program, this would be unfair. This will happen if the fund is not large enough and more than one would need the fund to help them in a given year.

    There is also a matter of a cap as to how much should be spent out of the fund and how much a member would pay out of pocket such as a deductible. Maybe 80/20! the fund would pay 80% of the cost's and the member picks up the other 20% or 90%/10% or even 100%, again this is for the members an board to decide.

    This is a big task and can be done with the right people and member support and enough interest and commitment in doing it and staying with the fund for the next 3-5 years. It would also have to be set up where a fund contributor/member would lose their access to the fund if they fail to keep their commitment and payments up and will loose there donated funds if they can't or don't want to be in the fund any longer.

    There is a lot of red tap but anything is possible, the thing I see the most happening here is a few (the committed board members) would be doing most if not all of the work, this could actually be set up to run smoothly, almost automatically if it's done right.

    And before all of this there is the matter of Bumper giving the go ahead to the idea and allowing his sites members to put something like this together and what the liabilities are for him if any of doing that.

    To see what kind of interest there even is in something like this we would need a pole thread of committed members that are willing to be apart of such a fund and see what the numbers would be.

    Nothing wrong with exploring the idea, but the fund can't be about putting $1,000 in a coffee can until someone needs it, that won't even pay for the retainer for a case like that and would be IMO a waste of a 1 time $20.00 fee and won't do any real good.

    ETA - Not to mention that there is 179 views and only 15 posts with a few not even above this fund idea but about the NRA should have thought of it! I think this is a fair idea as to what the interest would/will be.

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