Excited in St. Louis

Excited in St. Louis

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Thread: Excited in St. Louis

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    Excited in St. Louis

    Just had to share my excitement with ya...
    First a little backgrond info:
    I am still relatively new to this whole scene.
    I do not presently own a handgun but have narrowed my search and I do not currently have a CCW permit.
    Well, I have finally taken the required classroom instruction and just today, have taken the required range session.
    The instructor, Mr. John Ross, allows his students to shoot HIS guns at HIS personal outdoor range.
    I got to shoot my fill of .22 target pistols, 9mm Glocks and Sigs, .357 revolvers (both full size and snubby) and others I've already forgotten.
    Some of the most exciting guns though, were the fully automatic ones.
    John owns quite a variety of machine guns- no less than half a dozen.
    One in particular that'll almost make you mess yourself is a Glock 18.
    Not really bigger than the G17 but man! Hang on tight cause this baby raps out bullets faster than I could even imagine!
    Anyway, I've had one heck of a handgun/firearm day and just needed to share.
    Many thanks to John for a great training session and the opportunity to shoot some really cool guns!
    (And just for the record, I was hitting the targets in the right places with everything, which just adds to my excitement.)
    So now I'm qualified to apply for the Missouri CCW permit. Woohoo!
    "Luck is the point where opportunity and preparedness meet."

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    Go for it.. Good luck

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    John Ross is an excellent writer/author as well (Unintended Consequences)...congrats!...

    My first experience with full-auto was a blast, too...yep, you're hooked...
    "I surrounded 'em"- Alvin York

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    The G18 is a G17 with some different parts to make it select fire. Quite fun. I shot one of the G18C (Compensated) ones that a law enforcement officer brought to a shoot.

    You should also join Missouri Carry the Missouri grassroots organization.
    Procrastinators are the leaders of tomorrow.

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    John owns quite a variety of machine guns- no less than half a dozen.

    Believe me when I say that this ain't all of them and you were only shooting a sample section he brings to his ccw classes. He is having a full auto day in May and that is when the others come out to play!

    Train and train hard, you might not get a second chance to make a first impression!

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    If you are still trying to choose a firearm, you are in luck. The NRA national convention is going to be in St. Louis the weekend of April 14th (check out the NRA website for details). Everyone associated with firearms will be there with everything that they make. You will get a chance to handle pretty much any firearm thet you might possibly want to help you find out which feels the best for you. Good luck.
    "To be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace" George Washington

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    Good choice of instructor for your CCW class :)

    JR is one of a kind. Pick up a copy of 'Unintended Consequences'... it's a very good read.

    My favorite of JR's toys is his M249 Minimi.
    Liberty is an inherently offensive lifestyle. Living in a free society guarantees that each one of us will see our most cherished principles and beliefs questioned and in some cases mocked. It's worth it.

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