S&W Model 64-1 w/4" Bbl...

S&W Model 64-1 w/4" Bbl...

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Thread: S&W Model 64-1 w/4" Bbl...

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    S&W Model 64-1 w/4" Bbl...

    Hello. At the same time that I bought a NIB Model 14, I also bought a Model 64-1 4" SB revolver in like new condition. It had been shot very little and served as a bedside gun for a while before going to the previous (original) owner's safe.

    I shot perhaps a hundred rounds through it and was more than a little surprised at how perfectly regulated the fixed sights were for me with a couple of loads, one being Remington's 158-gr. LSWCHP +P.

    Took the thing out a few days later and was blazing away with Winchester USA 130-gr. FMJ ammo when it began to lock up. It was a timing issue. The cylinder stop was not dropping far enough to let the cylinder turn.

    At the bench, I disassembled and checked for any burrs, weak springs, etc and found nothing. Reassembled and the same problem existed so I took it to a gunsmith who happens to live a couple of miles away. A week or so and $25 later, it's working fine.

    This one will probably be a frequent companion and loaded with a hard cast SWC to about 870 ft/sec or so. Though I much prefer blued handguns, I also appreciate the corrosion resistance offered by the stainless steel revolvers.

    With each passing year it seems that older S&W's are getting harder and harder to find. To me, these things are like nice Hi Powers or 1911's: almost impossible to pass up.

    It is "just a 38" but in a proven design and I like the "just 38 (Special)" cartridge quite a bit for many tasks including having fun.

    I hope to do a "range report" type post with this one in the near future.


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    When I joined the local Dept. of Defense Police (now Dept. of the Army Police) in 1994 the S&W 64 was our issued handgun. They had many thousands of rounds through them when we went to the Beretta (late 1990's). Some of us wanted to buy them but the DoD would not allow it. You can't go wrong with the 64 or 10 for that matter. There are still some of us on the force that would like to carry revolvers in stead of the semi auto. The prevailing revolver of choice right now seems to be the S&W 686. Any pre-lock S&W K or L frame in good shape is a treasure.

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    I love a nice older S&W revolver too...I only have one, an M65 that I bought super cheap from an ex-coworker.
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