Prioriies: Choosing A Pistol?

Prioriies: Choosing A Pistol?

This is a discussion on Prioriies: Choosing A Pistol? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I'm in the process of joining the world of CCW in the near future. I've been researching on the internet, reading books, visiting gun stores, ...

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Thread: Prioriies: Choosing A Pistol?

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    Question Prioriies: Choosing A Pistol?

    I'm in the process of joining the world of CCW in the near future. I've been researching on the internet, reading books, visiting gun stores, and asking questions, but I personally don't know very many people to ask certain questions.

    I'm scheduled to take a basic firearm class Saturday and I know will have some opportunities to try different guns and rent some before making a decision. With virtually no experience shooting I don't have enough experiences to compare so that I can make a good decision.

    When comparing and choosing a pistol what should the priorities be when making a decision? Grip fit, recoil, reliability, ammo cost, weight, concealability, caliber, or…???

    All things being equal. If my choice was between two pistols and I liked the grip but not the recoil on one and on the other the recoil met my needs but the grip was a tad off. What should I prioritize?

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    Glad your taking the step to get some basic firearms training. Your concern is talked about in the following thread in the handgun section. Give it a look because it is very good info.

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    OK Here Is A Link That Will Get You Started

    Or at least headed in a worthwhile direction.
    It's a LONG page. You'll be reading for awhile.

    CLICK HERE - Firearm Selection
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    Both the above posts are good sources of information, the bottom line is don't rush into anything. The choice is personal to YOU! You'll get suggestions from folks on every aspect (I happen to like the SIG P-239 in 9mm - but that is me.), look at the suggestions you are given, hopefully find a way to fire each, then go with what you feel most comfortable with.

    Then the BIG problem starts! What holster do you put it in??

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    I Take Another Approach...

    when deciding which gun to buy. You say perhaps you easily get it down to two (I have no idea how you can get it down to two...), one has a little more kick, and the other has a little better grip...

    This is simple, you buy both...the reason?...once you buy one, you're going to buy another, and another, and don't waste time deciding...getting them both will soothe the addictive feeling for a few weeks longer...

    rstickle is absolutely correct, your big problem will be with...which holster?...(Suggestion: Get a big holster box now!)

    Stick with the info from this forum...great sources here!

    Enjoy the ride...

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    Dont worry about recoil. That is a training issue you will need to work out with any gun. Get a gun that fits you, is a quality make, and one that you will actually carry.

    I always advise to try and stay with a medium framed 9mm or .38 for ones first defense gun. They are easy to shoot, cheap to feed and you will learn to carry well.
    Then move on to the fancier smaller pocket rockets.
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    Very true - but why is that? I mean, if we can make a decision on what weapon why can't we be happy with a holster? I bet I've spent over $1000 on holsters in the last 2 years, and I STILL have not found the one I like! Hell, I even bought one, sold it, and bought it back! It's crazy!

    But as far as what weapon to buy? Well...I'm a Glocker myself, but if I had it to do all over again, I'd go revo. Meaning - I would stick to the ol' tried and true revolver! For CCW, it would be a Smith & Wesson model 13/65 3 inch or model 19/66 2.5 inch or model 10 2 inch or model 642 2 inch. A revolver is probably the most DEPENDABLE weapon ever created!

    But...the choice is yours! And don't forget about that BIG holster box!

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    Also...don't forget to think about how you are going to carry that new blaster! IWB, OWB, ankle, shoulder rig - whatever! This damned gun is gonna change your entire LIFESTYLE! You are gonna have to consider your attire and give yourself a "fashion makeover", your "threat level" will go up, you will become EXTREMELY paranoid, you will constantly be checking it to make sure it's not showing, you will start saving money and eating little ketchup packets for lunch just so you can afford a new "toy" and you will be labeled as a "gun nut."

    You also have to consider the carrying of spare ammo (there's MORE leather for the holster box), a tactical folder and a good RELIABLE flashlight. I know, I know - "A flashlight? Why do I need a flashlight?" is what I hear from 90% of the newbies I come in contact with. Trust me! You NEED A FLASHLIGHT! EVERYBODY i tell this to, thinks it's not THAT important until they get one! Then it's a WHOLE new world! If I had to recommend ONE flashlight for CCW it would be hands down, without a shadow of a doubt the SureFire E2e "Executive Elite" It has a nifty little pocket clip and a 65 lumen output that lasts for a "continuous" 60 minutes. Guys say "60 minutes? Is that all?" but in all reality, 60 minutes is longer than you think. The average use of your flashlight is gonna be about 15-30 SECONDS for just everyday use. I use my E2e EVERY DAY - it's the first thing I grab in the morning/it's the last thing I lay down at night. I change batteries about every 2 months (+/-). Get you a flashlight the same time you choose your weapon and carry them both EVERYDAY!

    Be safe, good luck and God bless!

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