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Thread: Shooting with Bifocals

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    Shooting with Bifocals

    Ok, I am getting ready to start wearing bifocals.

    I have always been taught that proper sight picture was a clear front sight post with a blurry target.

    For those of you that wear bifocals I would like to ask if you sight in using the close up lens or the far lens?

    I suspect that you would use the close lens, but would like to know from someone with experience.
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    When I do wear my bifocals (I normally wear contacts) I use the bottom near-vision portion for shooting, that gives the best sight picture while still being able to see the target. If I am wearing my contacts I have a special set of reading glasses made for shooting, they are bi-focals except instead of having the correction at the normal position, just below the iris, I had the correction cut to start just above the pupil, this way I can sight normally with out having to tilt my head way back at an unusual angle.

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    The same here. I use the bottom portion of the lens. I can see the frount and back sights clear and then target is blurred. This works great.

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    I have several pair, my shooting lenses are without the bifocals, sometimes this can be a aid especially when using a scope.
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    I Only Wear Glasses To Read...

    I do, at times wear my reading glasses when shooting, but I do also practice without my glasses...I feel that I must try and shoot as I might be forced to...when I do not have my glasses readily available.

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    I only need glasses for reading. I've tried shooting with glasses, with the sights clear and the target fuzzy, but don't shoot as well as with no glasses. Without glasses the sights are very, very fuzzy, but the target is in focus. It shouldn't work, but it does.
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    Year and a half ago I went from no glasses to trifocals. AUUUGGGHHHH! Sure didn't help my group size any! I find that perfect sight picture is hard to achieve and a bit of a compromise. I try to get that front sight clear but sometimes I do better these days with it a but fuzzy. Gettin old ain't for cowards!
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    I don't wear bifocals yet, but figure its only a matter of time.
    I did see something recently that I will keep in mind for when that day comes, and thought I'd mention it here.

    At a local gathering of Gunsite graduates a couple of months ago, one was showing a pair of glasses he had made for shooting that had the close lens on TOP, rather than at the bottom. Someone said they had heard them called "machinist's glasses" since they were somewhat common in that line of work.

    I don't know if that would be an option for you, but there it is.

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    I'm very new to shooting and wear bifocals. I'm going to have to try to figure out what works. Right now it all seems blurry when I'm aiming. If I all ready knew how to shoot, I would probably just transition to point shooting, but what do I know... Nothing. I am going to keep this thread in my shooting notebook to take with the range every time.

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    I wear no line bifocals and I just adjust my line of sight by looking down a little for the sight then up for the target. I have had no problem at all with them.

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    I shoot just like I did when I didn't have them.

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    I wear contacts and use dime store readers if I do close work. If I am not wearing contacts, I wear bifocals.That said, I don't use the bifocal portion or readers when shooting. I don't have a problem keeping the front sight clear enough to stay on target. Interestingly enough, at the range I use, they had a bunch of business cards for an optomotrist (sp) that would work with shooters to prescribe shooting glasses. If you made prior arrangements with her, she would discretely have you bring your handgun with you to the eye exam and get you set up properly.

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    I wear progressive lens which are really no-line trifocals. I can do fine on the IDPA close in targets but those head shots and 30+ yarders were messing me up.

    I bought a +1.25 stick on bifocal from Safety Glasses USA for about $8 for a pair. I stick it on the inside of my glasses on the top so I am looking through it when my gun is in the firing position. It lets me see my sights clearly and the targets well enough and does not interfere with me being able to manuver around.

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